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Essay By Kanika Draksharam April 27, 2016
Pete Olson, R-TX
"Amid a flood of controversy in June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a longstanding controversial law. Five justices affirmed LGBT American’s Constitutional right to wed, leading to many changes for not only those who supported the bill, but the entire country as well. Undoubtedly, in the past year, the legalization of same sex marriage has brought many differences to the United States, and has helped shaped us into a more accepting country. The legalization of same sex marriage has brought various economic benefits in addition to the obvious social ones. Due to the law being passed by Congress, the economy has seen a sudden boost. Take New York for example; whose economy was boosted by over two and a half million dollars due to same sex marriage couples being able to get married in state. Since the law being passed, marriage license fees, local celebrations, and wedding related purchases, have contributed greatly to the economy. We can see that this law has helped our economy in a positive manner, which is a good change our country required. The income being brought in by this new change is aiding in curbing the economic deficit as well. Contributing to this, is also the fact that insurance companies are being used more, since people are able to utilize the advantages of being married that these companies provide. Additionally, the passing of this law raises tax revenues by bringing in between twenty and forty million dollars more than average per year, helping the economy greatly. Fiscal benefits are a large factor in what our economy has gained. The government would have to spend more on Social Security and Employee Health Benefits, but it would actually end up saving money when it the attention is turned to medical health programs, by almost a hundred million dollars. It’s clear that passing this law has resulted in positive impacts on the economy. Large corporations have advocated for this, making it something that is widely advertised as a positive change in society, going from being condemned in the past. Many of these companies such as Google, Apple, Verizon, Morgan Stanley and Microsoft have recruited people from this community to work for them, sending society an accepting message. Marriage equality is a freedom that many groups across American have long strived for in the past. Now that the past year has brought this rightful prospect to our country, it has also brought positive changes for not only them, but all of American as well."
Unauthorized Spending Accountability Act April 27, 2016
Randy Weber, R-TX
"Two, the President and the Department of Justice were in direct violation of their constitutional responsibility to the Defense of Marriage Act, which is Public Law 104-199."
Tribute To Bart Ellefritz April 26, 2016
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"Bart and Ashley are what some folks in Washington refer to as a mixed marriage."
Tribute To Ruby And Bruce Bentley April 21, 2016
David Young, R-IA
"The Bentleys are known for their commitment to their family and community. Their marriage blessed them with five children and many grandchildren. The community of Macedonia knows the Bentleys as a close-knit family, living their faith and committed to one another. The entire generation of this union lives within seven miles of each other, calling the Bruce and Ruby homestead, “Bentley East.” This marriage is a union of dedication to a strong work ethic with their cattle-feeding business, recognized as Producers of the Year in 2006 and Cattleman’s Association Brand Wall operation in 2011."
Restoring Respect For America’S Rule Of Law April 20, 2016
Steve King, R-IA
"There is no right in the Constitution for a same-sex marriage. There is no reference in there at all. There is not one single Founding Father who would have ever accepted an idea that they had founded a nation that embodied within our Declaration or our ratified Constitution or the subsequent amendments that there was some right, let alone a command, to a same-sex marriage. That is a completely manufactured—not just a right but a command—by the Supreme Court of the United States."

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