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100Th Anniversary Of The Armenian Genocide April 23, 2015
Sander Levin, D-MI
"In my home state of Michigan, 11,000 people of Armenian descent reside and may leading organizations have organized commemorative events leading up to April 24th. I have had the honor to attend many events at St. John’s Armenian Church in Southfield where there stands a memorial which contains the remains of a genocide victim. We are also proud that the only Armenian research center attached to an American university is at the University of Michigan-Dearborn where the Center documents the Armenian genocide and current Armenian issues."
100Th Anniversary Of The Armenian Genocide April 23, 2015
Jack Reed, D-RI
"Unfortunately, the United States and the world did not intervene. It is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the survivors of the Armenian genocide that they persevered and went on to enrich their countries of emigration, including the United States. That is why today we not only commemorate this grave tragedy, but we celebrate the traditions, the contributions, as well as the bright future of the Armenian people. Indeed, my home State of Rhode Island continues to be enriched by our strong and vibrant Armenian-American community."
Trade Promotion Authority April 23, 2015
Deb Fischer, R-NE
"My home State of Nebraska is leading the way in progress as a top producer and exporter of agriculture and manufacturing products. In 2013, Nebraska exported $7.3 billion in products tied to agriculture and the processing industries. By trading internationally, we are creating jobs and long-term income here at home. From farms and ranches to food processing, transportation, and manufacturing industries, countless parts of our economy rely on flow of goods across our Nation and around the world."
Executive Session April 23, 2015
Dianne Feinstein, D-CA
"Her experience is just as deep on domestic issues. As U.S. attorney for a major urban district, she clearly understands the importance of protecting us from gangs and organized crime, issues that are front and center in my home State of California."
Protecting Cyber Networks Act April 22, 2015
Lynn Westmoreland, R-GA
"My home State of Georgia is home to many companies that deal with and secure sensitive data on a daily basis, and they are constantly looking for better ways to protect their networks."

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