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Awarding Congressional Gold Medal To The Foot Soldiers Who Participated In Bloody Sunday, Turnaround Tuesday, Or The Final Selma To Montgomery Voting Rights March In March Of 1965 February 11, 2015
Terri Sewell, D-AL
"As they crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge, a wall of Alabama State troopers were waiting at the foot of the bridge. News stations from across the country televised the brutality that followed as foot soldiers like Hosea Williams; John Lewis; Amelia Boynton Robinson; Reverend F.D. Reese; Bob Nance of Lowndes County; Albert Turner, Sr., of Perry County; and so many others were attacked on Edmund Pettus Bridge on what has become known as Bloody Sunday."
In Recognition Of Robert Hughes November 12, 2014
Marc Veasey, D-TX
"Dallas cinematographer, Ronald Nance and Lindell Singleton, producer of major feature films such as Lone Star and Holy War, are partnering to bring Robert Hughes’ story to life in a feature-length documentary called Relentless, which will premiere in February 2015. The film will capture the incredible feats of Hughes and the impact that he had on the Texas basketball community."
Keep The Irs Off Your Health Care Act Of 2013 August 2, 2013
Tom Price, R-GA
"Dear Congressmen: We, the undersigned organizations and free market leaders write in united support of House efforts this week to get the IRS out of Obamacare. The House will consider a measure on Friday sponsored by Congressman Tom Price (R-Ga.) to remove the IRS from any role in the implementation of the Obamacare law. It’s a basic belief of most Americans that patients, families, and doctors—not IRS bureaucrats—should be making health care decisions. While this has always been the case, its importance has been heightened in recent months by the uncovered political targeting by the IRS of Tea Party and other free market groups. The IRS should not be anywhere near people’s medical decisions until this black cloud of political scandal has been lifted. Unfortunately, the GAO reports that the IRS has no fewer than 47 powers to implement Obamacare. That’s 47 too many. Allowing the IRS to enforce Obamacare is opening up the door to more abuse, more targeting, and more harassment of American citizens. The myriad of new taxes the IRS will impose under the guise of health care reform will destroy jobs, stifle economic growth, and impede medical innovation in this country. With Obamacare coming fully online in 2014, now is the time to stop the IRS from becoming a full partner in our families’ healthcare decisions. House efforts to prevent this from happening are welcome and all Members of Congress should support these efforts. Sincerely, Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform; Dean Clancy, Freedom Works; Al Cardenas, American Conservative Union; Amy Kremer, Tea Party Express; Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots; Heather Higgins, Independent Womens’ Voice; Steven J. Duffield, Crossroads GPS; Brandon Arnold, National Taxpayers Union; Colin Hanna, Let Freedom Ring; Jim Martin, 60 Plus Association; Grace-Marie Turner, Galen Institute; Phil Kerpen, American Commitment; Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America; Ken Hoagland, Restore America’s Voice; John Tate, Campaign for Liberty; Peter Ferrara, National Center for Policy Analysis; Ari Winkour, Harbour League; Gregory T. Angelo, Log Cabin Republicans; Mark Schiller, MD, Doctor-Patient Medical Association; Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D, author of Beating Obamacare; Brian Baker, Ending Spending; David Wallace, Restore America’s Mission. (Signatures are for information purposes only)."
In Recognition Of The Vestavia Hills High School We The People Team April 25, 2013
Spencer Bachus, R-AL
"Mr. Speaker, it is an honor to commend the We the People program for its continuing commitment to promoting civic knowledge and responsibility among students in our elementary schools and high schools. As a source of special pride, I would like to bring the House’s attention to the representatives of the State of Alabama in this year’s 26th annual national competition, the Vestavia Hills High School academic team from the Sixth District. We the People helps to shape our next generation of leaders by instilling the principles of good citizenship and active participation in the democratic process. More than one million students from every state take part in this program each year. Students learn to be enlightened citizens by studying the enduring ideas of America’s founders and the principles of constitutional government. After competing locally in a hearing-styled, question and answer competition based on the U.S. Constitution, the top performing teams are invited to Washington to participate in the national finals on Capitol Hill. It is here that they gain firsthand knowledge of Article I, Section I of our Constitution—the legislative branch—by competing in a format that simulates the congressional hearing process. As Chairman Emeritus, I am pleased to announce that the Financial Services Committee hearing room will be used in this year’s competition. It takes hard work and commitment to qualify for the We the People national finals. At this time, I would like to extend recognition to the students from Vestavia Hills High School who are representing the State of Alabama. With teachers Mrs. Amy Maddox and Mrs. Jane Schaefer, I congratulate: Christian Sitarz, Carrie Clower, Reagan Cline, Patrick Sipe, Rachel Caskey, Aashka Patel, Anna Dennis, Enrico Camata, Daniel Moran, Amy Li, Sisi Zheng, Peter Adamo, Farhan Khan, Luis Jimenez, Hopson Nance, Hannah Skjellum, Botong Ma, Joseph Stahl, Molly Rhodes, Brian Stahl, Shannon Bewley, Marisa Pierluisi, and Kaustubh Udipi. The knowledge and commitment demonstrated by all of the students who take part in We the People should give us all great confidence in the future of our precious American democracy."
Remembering Dr. Carl Everett Drake, Sr. January 24, 2013
Dianne Feinstein, D-CA
"In Sacramento Carl and Bea joined a small circle of middle class African Americans who had also moved west to make a new life. A handful of doctors, lawyers, a defense contractor, and a funeral home owner formed a social group anchored by the “Couples Club,” which met on Saturdays once a month for a rotating house party. There were also civic activities like the Lions Club, competitive chess, and the NAACP, as well as the local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. The names of these pioneers: Colley, Jones, Morris, Morrissey, Nance, Rutland, Stewart, Trent, West, and a few others, are now a part of Sacramento history. In 1967 a reduction in State supported mental health services affected clinics, including the Sacramento branch where Carl was chief of psychiatry. The new Medicare and Medicaid programs made private practice more viable for physicians caring for low income patients. He converted to full time private practice, and the late 1960s and 1970s became a time of relative prosperity. A pool was added to the backyard, and Carl learned, for the first time, to swim. He remained health conscious, and he and Bea were in the pool everyday from May to October until they were both in their 90s."

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