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Honoring The Life Of Captain Charles Rush March 25, 2015
Martha Roby, R-AL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life of Mr. Charles Rush, an exceptional Alabamian who set an example of leadership for all to follow. His lifetime of dedication and service stands as a monument to the exemplary man he was, and his gallantry in battle continues to inspire future generations. Rush was born in Greensboro, a small farming town in west Alabama. When he was seven, his family moved to Dothan, Alabama where he went to elementary and high school. After completing high school at the Gulf Coast Military Academy in Gulfport, Mississippi, Rush was awarded an appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Graduating in 1941, he was then assigned duty aboard a destroyer and stationed at Pearl Harbor. Later, Rush volunteered for submarine duty where he completed a total of seven patrols with the USS Thresher and the USS Billfish. In 1943, three enemy destroyers attacked the Billfish, bombarding it with depth charges for twelve hours. During this terrifying attack, the ship’s commanders became unable to ensure the safety of the submarine. Then Lieutenant Rush took control of the situation, outsmarted the enemy destroyers, and helped lead the submarine and all of the men aboard to safety. Nearly sixty years after the attack, Rush was awarded the Navy Cross in 2002—an honor insisted upon by his fellow crew members of the USS Billfish on board during the attack. Captain Rush was a friend, mentor, respected colleague, and gentleman to many, and will be remembered for his courage and integrity. Captain Rush passed on February 27th, 2015, just shy of his 96th birthday. He is survived by LaVonne, his wife of 39 years, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and a host of other family members."
Honoring The Life And Legacy Of Agat Vice Mayor Agustin G. Quintanilla March 25, 2015
Madeleine Bordallo, D-GU
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life and legacy of Mr. Agustin “Dinga” G. Quintanilla who served as the Vice Mayor of the village of Agat. Vice Mayor Quintanilla passed away on March 19, 2015 at the age of 52. Vice Mayor Quintanilla was born on August 8, 1962 to Jesus Taitano Quintanilla and Remedios Guzman Quintanilla. He graduated from the Guam Community College and shortly thereafter began his career with the United States Navy Guam Ship Repair Facility and U.S. Navy Public Works as a welder. He continued his career as a welder with Raytheon and then with DZSP as a combination welder. Mr. Quintanilla was appointed the vice mayor of Agat in 2009 by Governor Felix Camacho, and was subsequently elected and reelected to the position. He has always had close ties to the community. As the vice mayor, he played a crucial role in expanding the village park and pavilion, “Sagan Bisita” and coordinating the village float entry for the annual Liberation Parade, garnering awards in 2009 and 2010. Vice Mayor Quintanilla will always be remembered for his generosity and willingness to help those in need and the community he loved. During Chamorro Month, Vice Mayor Quintanilla would celebrate the Chamorro culture by building traditional huts at the neighboring Guam Naval Base. Always a humble and giving man, Vice Mayor Quintanilla also constructed benches for both the Agat gym and baseball field. Prior to serving as vice mayor, Mr. Quintanilla was an active member of the Agat Municipal Planning Council since 1996. He also held numerous positions in community organizations such as the Agat Santa Ana Rancheros Association, Marcial Sablan Elementary School Parent Teacher Association, the Agat Cardinals Baseball Team, and the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology Association-Guam Chapter. Though Vice Mayor Quintanilla stayed busy with all his duties and community organizations, he always remained an active parishioner of the Mount Carmel Catholic Church and Santa Ana Chapel in Agat. Vice Mayor Quintanilla could always be found cooking behind the scenes for both church and village events. He was even a vital part of the building of the Santa Ana Chapel as a part of the Santa Ana Association. I am deeply saddened by the passing of Vice Mayor Quintanilla, and I join the people of Guam in celebrating his life and recognizing his dedicated service to Guam. My thoughts and prayers are with his daughters, Julianna, Alianna, and Nikita, and his loved ones and friends. He will be missed, and his memory will live on in the hearts of the people of Guam."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget, Fiscal Year 2016—Continued March 25, 2015
John McCain, R-AZ
"All four service chiefs agreed, during questioning from Senator King of Maine, that “American lives are being put at risk.” The Secretary of Defense testified before the committee, “Sequestration threatens our military’s readiness, the size of our warfighting forces, the capabilities of our air-naval fleets, and ultimately the lives of our men and women in uniform.”"
Honoring Captain Lawrence R. Vasquez March 24, 2015
Julia Brownley, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, today I rise to recognize Captain Lawrence R. Vasquez, Installation Commander of Naval Base Ventura County, on the special occasion of his Change of Command."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget, Fiscal Year 2016—Continued March 24, 2015
Marco Rubio, R-FL
"So what is going to happen when they turn and we say to them: We are with you; we are going to be there; We are going to continue to work with you; we are going to continue to live up to our defense capabilities, but we do not have the capabilities to meet our obligations? In essence, you can talk pivoting to Asia, but you have to have something to pivot with. If we have eviscerated our military, we have eviscerated our naval capacity, if we are on pace, as we are now, to have the smallest Air Force and the smallest Navy we have had in a very long time, we can say whatever we want, but our allies will not believe us because we will not have the capabilities to meet it."

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