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needle exchange

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Autonomy For The District Of Columbia July 11, 2014
Eleanor Norton, D-DC
"I want to thank the House that one of these attachments has not returned; that, of course, was the needle exchange attachment that had deadly effects. And I choose my words appropriately, because that rider, which was attached to the D.C. appropriation for 10 years, literally spread the HIV virus throughout the District of Columbia and is singly responsible for the fact that the District of Columbia has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the country."
Republican Shutdown And Aca October 2, 2013
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"How do Republicans vote this week to allow the District to use its discretion on local funds during a shutdown—that they created—yet next week block the same funds being used for saving reproductive health care services or badly needed needle exchange programs to fight HIV and AIDS?"
Frager’S Fire/Appropriations June 6, 2013
Eleanor Norton, D-DC
"One of them was an attachment that cost lives and has left us with people who are ill. That attachment kept us from spending our own local money on needle exchange programs, which are widely used around the world and throughout the United States. States can’t spend Federal funds for needle exchange programs, but they can spend local funds. Every large city; and many counties spend their own local funds this way because it is one of the few proven ways to keep HIV/AIDS from spreading."
Honoring Maudelle Shirek May 7, 2013
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"Renowned for her powerful voice and contagious energy, Ms. Shirek broke racial barriers and flexed her leadership at the Berkeley Consumers Co-op Credit Union to secure loans for low-income borrowers and people of color. She fought on behalf of unions, helped organize the Free Mandela Movement, and advocated for HIV/AIDS awareness. She was also the first elected official in the United States to advocate for needle-exchange programs, and was not afraid to chain herself to a building or be hand-cuffed in the name of activism."
Honoring Maudelle Shirek April 17, 2013
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"After moving to Berkeley in the 1940s, she became active in the antiwar movement, fought on behalf of unions, advocated for HIV and AIDS awareness, care, and treatment, and helped organize the Free Mandela Movement. She was also the first elected official in the United States to advocate for needle exchange programs."

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