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Veteran Access To Care Act Of 2014 June 10, 2014
Paul Ryan, R-WI
"Funding for implementing this act will come from funds that have already been appropriated, or will in the future be appropriated, to the Veterans Health Administration for medical services in the normal course of the discretionary appropriations process. This bill provides no new budget authority to the Department of Veterans Affairs and does not violate the budget enforcement regime."
Pro-Growth Budgeting Act Of 2013 April 4, 2014
Mark Meadows, R-NC
"There will be a time to debate the new budget, but this is about job creation, Mr. Chairman. This is about the CBO and the flawed method—many times—that they use in preparing documents for us to make informed decisions."
Legislative Session April 2, 2014
Charles Schumer, D-NY
"Since 1971, Amtrak, in the Northeast and throughout the country, has been a Federal responsibility, and it should continue to be. So the proposal we are advocating today is one of fairness to both ends of the national passenger rail system. What we are saying is simple. Accept Amtrak’s new budget framework, which would allow the NEC to reinvest profits while continuing to provide long-distance service."
The Budget March 5, 2014
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"Indeed, when you look for the substance of the budget, you will see the administration appears to be short on new ideas. President Obama’s new budget consists largely of proposals from his past budgets, which is surprising, given that none of them have received a single affirmative vote in Congress. Let me repeat that. None of his past budgets have received a single affirmative vote in Congress."
Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act Of 2013—Motion To Proceed—Continued January 15, 2014
Tom Coburn, R-OK
"I was just given a poll as of today. The No. 1 problem Americans see in our country is us—the U.S. Government. Twenty-one percent of the people in this country identify us as the problem. Is it any wonder, when we tell them we are going to do X and then we don’t do X? For example: We had a budget agreement, and then we changed the budget agreement because we couldn’t live within our means and we wouldn’t raise the revenue to be able to do that. Then we come to a new budget agreement that is much higher—don’t honor the previous budget agreement. Then we put an appropriations bill on the floor that is going to fund all the Federal Government until September 30 and nobody has totally read it. They pick out the things they like in it and then talk about it. Is it any wonder why 21 percent of the people think the Congress, politicians, poor leadership, corruption, and abuse of power in Washington are the No. 1 problem with our country?"

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