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Congratulating The Batavia, Illinois, High School Football Team December 5, 2013
Randy Hultgren, R-IL
"On Saturday, November 30, Batavia faced off against Richards High School, which shares the same nickname, in an epic battle of the Bulldogs. At NIU‘s Huskie Stadium in DeKalb, an estimated 12,000 Batavia fans roared as Micah Coffey, the quarterback, threw for two touchdowns and running back Anthony Scaccia ran for three more. Both teams fought hard, but Batavia prevailed, capping their virtually undefeated season with a 34-14 victory."
Batavia Claims First State Football Title In “Battle Of The Bulldogs” December 5, 2013
Randy Hultgren, R-IL
"At NIU‘s Huskie Stadium in DeKalb, an estimated 12,000 Batavia fans roared as quarterback Micah Coffey threw for two touchdowns, and running back Anthony Scaccia ran for three more."
Gun Violence February 14, 2013
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"This day was devastating for the families of the victims, for the NIU community, and for our nation. We were heartbroken by the senseless murders of these young Americans who had hopes and dreams and bright futures. The Northern Illinois University community came together in response to the tragedy. They held each other close, and continued to move “forward, together forward” in the words of the Huskie fight song. But no family and no community should have to suffer like this. And those who were scarred by the shooting but survived will never forget that day and never fully heal from it."
Thanking Lutheran Church Charities December 27, 2012
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"Sadly, the comfort dog program began after another gun tragedy. In 2008, after a gunman killed five students at Northern Illinois University, a group of dog caretakers associated with Lutheran Church Charities visited the NIU campus in hopes of offering a healing distraction to students. The trip was so successful that a few weeks later students petitioned university leaders to bring the comfort dogs back."
Lincoln High School We The People Competition May 9, 2012
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"In addition to the dedicated coaches and volunteers, I want to recognize this year’s winning student team. They are: Avery Ballato, Catherine Barton, Marty Berger, Hallie Blashfield, Ryan Bloom, Danny Brillhart, John Carey, Julian Dann, Julia Eckelmann, Michael Field, Natina Gilbert, Nikhil Goyal, Kendra Hong, Robin Jayaswal, Katie Kelly, Sierra Killian, John Kim, Emma Lane, Duncan MacEachern, William Mao, Olnita Martini, Evan Neuhausen, Sara Newman, Vicki Niu, Sammy Purnell, Justin Richter, Beckett Rueda, Emma Simmons, Sage Smiley, Nita Sridharan, Eri Stern, Mara Strauss, Molly Walls, Carolyn Wheatley, Ajeya Woods and Cole Zollinger."

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