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Obamacare Premium Hikes Are Hurting Families July 29, 2014
Joe Wilson, R-SC
"America’s devoted mothers know firsthand of the failure of ObamaCare. Small businesses are hiring more part-time workers than full-time workers because ObamaCare costs are too high. Longtime employees are having hours reduced, putting families at risk."
Obamacare July 29, 2014
Virginia Foxx, R-NC
"Mr. Speaker, the recent decision in Halbig v. Burwell held that ObamaCare “makes tax credits available … to individuals who purchase health insurance through … exchanges … established by the State.”"
Aca Failures July 29, 2014
Andy Harris, R-MD
"But the policy behind ObamaCare is equally flawed. Premiums are rising. Americans are losing the coverage they liked. They are unable to see the doctors they were previously visiting. And they are finding that many of the services or drugs that they need are not covered. President Obama promised the opposite of this, and Americans should not be misled by their leaders."
What Have Republicans Done For You Lately? July 29, 2014
Hank Johnson, D-GA
"And how much is it going to cost the American taxpayers when the Republicans embark upon this effort to impeach President Obama? How much will it cost? Well, they won’t let you know that. I will tell you, shutting down the government and repealing ObamaCare did not work, so we just wasted money. The Republicans came up empty-handed."
Detention Of Daniel Chong July 29, 2014
Charles Grassley, R-IA
"Under this amendment, Congress and the States could limit campaign contributions and expenditures without even complying with the existing constitutional provisions. Congress could pass a law limiting expenditures by Democrats, but not by Republicans—by opponents of ObamaCare, but not by its supporters."

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