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Entry Title Date
Bills Languishing In The Senate July 24, 2014
Steve Daines, R-MT
"I know ObamaCare was over 2,000 pages."
Obama Economy July 24, 2014
Roger Williams, R-TX
"He should focus on what House Republicans are doing and cooperate by getting his party leaders in the Senate to act on more than 40 bills to get our economy moving, get people back to work, and roll back his administration’s harmful policies like Dodd-Frank and ObamaCare—the major force behind the transition to part-time America."
Nomination Of Pamela Harris To Be United States Circuit Judge For The Fourth Circuit—Continued July 24, 2014
Ted Cruz, R-TX
"If the President has the authority to do what President Obama is claiming, with ObamaCare—28 times—he simply unilaterally changed the text of the law, said: It doesn’t matter what the law says, I say it is something different. If the President has that power, a Republican President has that power too."
Bring Jobs Home Act—Motion To Proceed July 24, 2014
Charles Grassley, R-IA
"So it seems pretty clear to me that the timing of the vote on this nominee is not purely coincidental. We know this because of this week’s ObamaCare decisions handed down by the DC Circuit and the Fourth Circuit."
Obamacare July 22, 2014
Virginia Foxx, R-NC
"Mr. Speaker, today’s D.C. Court of Appeals decision in Halbig v. Burwell held that the text of ObamaCare clearly “makes tax credits available as a form of subsidy to individuals who purchase health insurance through exchanges established by the State.”"

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