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Entry Title Date
Bosnia Today September 18, 2014
Christopher Smith, R-NJ
"That was September 9, 2009. In an eleventh hour ploy to garner support from a remnant of pro-life congressional Democrats absolutely needed for passage of ObamaCare, the President issued an executive order on March 24, 2010, that said:"
American Energy Solutions For Lower Costs And More American Jobs Act September 18, 2014
Henry Waxman, D-CA
"Let’s not forget, we know that our Republican colleagues didn’t like the Affordable Care Act, sometimes known as ObamaCare, so on this House floor we voted over 50 times to repeal it."
Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015 September 18, 2014
Rand Paul, R-KY
"But it worries me. This President worries me, and it is not because of ObamaCare or Dodd-Frank or these horrific pieces of legislation. As I travel around the country, when people ask me “What has the President done? What is the worst thing he has done?” it is the usurpation of power, the idea that there is no separation of powers or that he is above that separation. If you want to tremble and worry about the future of our Republic, listen to the President when he says: Well, Congress won’t act; therefore, I must. Think about the implications of that."
Legislative Session September 17, 2014
David Vitter, R-LA
"Recently the House of Representatives passed, on a bipartisan basis, H.R. 3522, the Employee Health Care Protection Act by Congressman Bill Cassidy. This bipartisan act that passed the House would keep the President’s core promise throughout the ObamaCare debate when he told every American: If you like the health care coverage you have, you can keep it—period, end of story. I am bringing this up in the Senate because it is vital that the President, and everyone who made that pledge, keep that promise, and the bill that was enacted into law would do that."
Government Accountability Office Report Confirms Obamacare Funds Abortions September 17, 2014
Randy Hultgren, R-IL
"This week, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office revealed that 1,036 of the plans offered under ObamaCare and eligible for taxpayer subsidies cover abortion on demand. Although the President promised in 2009 that “no Federal dollars would be used to fund abortions,” the law’s accounting gimmicks showed otherwise."

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