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Entry Title Date
Protecting Affordable Coverage For Employees Act October 1, 2015
Ben Sasse, R-NE
"Mr. President, I want to thank my friend and colleague Senator Scott for his leadership in protecting many Americans and small businesses from more needless suffering under ObamaCare. While I am glad for this outcome, a piecemeal approach to this terrible law is less valuable than a strategic approach. We must help the millions of other victims who are already suffering or will soon suffer from the law’s flawed policies but lack an effective lobbying voice. In the future, we should set the stage for a serious repeal and replace debate by delaying Obamacare‘s onerous burdens, rather than merely working to make a terrible law 12 percent less bad."
Conference Report On H.R. 1735, National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2016 October 1, 2015
William Thornberry, R-TX
"This bill cannot solve either of those problems. We cannot rewrite the Tax Code or raise taxes. We can’t repeal ObamaCare. There are lots of things we can’t do. But we can do some things, and we should do that."
Military Construction, The Department Of Veterans Affairs, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016—Motion To Proceed September 30, 2015
John Barrasso, R-WY
"Mr. President, the American people have gotten used to hearing bad news about their health care ever since the Democrats passed ObamaCare. It seems that each and every day there is another headline about another way that the health care law is hurting people. Last Wednesday there was a remarkable amount of bad news in just 1 day. The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, September 23, had this headline: “Health Insurers Defend Deals.”"
Rural California Harmed By Obamacare September 30, 2015
Doug LaMalfa, R-CA
"Mr. Speaker, ObamaCare is simply failing rural America. A recent report showed that rural residents are left with even higher skyrocketing costs and even more barriers to care."
Exchange Inclusion For A Healthy America Act Of 2015 September 30, 2015
Luis Gutierrez, D-IL
"It gives them access to healthcare exchanges in ObamaCare under the ordinary rules of residency in the States in which they live and makes them eligible for subsidies if and when they file taxes, just like the rest of us. It also subjects them to the individual mandate that requires individuals to have health insurance."

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