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National Rural Health Day November 19, 2014
Adrian Smith, R-NE
"Recent reports have stated these facilities are facing a disproportionate rate in closures. This year alone, 43 rural hospitals have closed nationwide. Because of ObamaCare, we are seeing the beginning of deep cuts to Medicare beneficiaries, which is a major patient population for these rural facilities."
Secret Science Reform Act Of 2014 November 19, 2014
Peter Roskam, R-IL
"What they have to defend is the orthodoxy that allowed the other side to create ObamaCare. The architect of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, said this is a tortured way to make sure CBO scores it this way and so forth and so on, and they basically had to trick and manipulate and so forth."
Immigration November 19, 2014
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"This President is creating a constitutional crisis, and it happens when a President is allowed to continue pushing the envelope and pushing the envelope and exceeding the envelope, and you have an incorrigible opinion written—as the majority for the Supreme Court did on ObamaCare—that is the height of hypocrisy."
President’S Health Care Law November 19, 2014
John Barrasso, R-WY
"ObamaCare was too long, too complicated, too expensive, and it took away too much from the people who like the care and the coverage they had before the law was passed. That is why Republicans are going to vote to repeal the entire health care law."
Executive Orders November 19, 2014
Charles Grassley, R-IA
"By then, President Obama had already failed to execute the laws in many areas. For example, the administration was rewriting ObamaCare‘s deadlines at will and was making little effort to enforce the Controlled Substances Act in some States. These abuses rang like alarm bells—alarm bells in the night—even before the so-called year of action began."

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