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The President’S Vow: Ending Veterans Homelessness By 2015 November 19, 2015
Corrine Brown, D-FL
"Col. Eugene Scott, USA, Ret., President of Chicago Defender Charities, started by focusing on the Chicago Defenders more than 100-year history in defense of the black community. However, he was more outspoken about veterans’ homelessness and in highlighting veterans’ hunger in Chicago. Georgia State Legislator Calvin Symre, who is also Past President, National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) stated that NBCSL is formulating and leading discussions around homeless veterans policies with the White House and other agencies. The intention is to mobilize everyone at the state, city and local levels for support, because the struggle doesn’t end, and there is always the need for more people to be involved. Nan Roman, President/CEO, National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH), presented statistics on veterans homelessness and discussed the overrepresentation of African Americans, who represent only 10% of the general veterans’ population, adding that, although numbers appear to be declining, there still is a discrepancy. Gregory Scott, President/CEO, New Directions for Veterans (ND), talked about his father (a troubled Korean war veteran) who died all too soon and about his family knowing nothing about PTSD, thus establishing the importance of the connection between veterans and their families, in identifying with not only the homeless, but with all struggling veterans."
Fed Oversight Reform And Modernization Act Of 2015 November 18, 2015
Bill Foster, D-IL
"The truth is that Federal monetary policy is already guided, but not determined, by a number of complex, macroeconomic models. It is very far from ad hoc. In fact, at the heart of many of these models lies a variance of what is called the Cobb-Douglas production function. And the Douglas in that name is Senator Paul Douglas, an economist from the University of Chicago before he became a Senator and the author of some of the most influential papers in economics. My mother worked for Senator Paul Douglas when he was a Senator back in the 1950s, and when I see the level to which economic debate has fallen in this country from Senator Paul Douglas to what we see today, it breaks my heart."
Immigration Reform November 9, 2015
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"This was a historic meeting in the city of Chicago. These two gentlemen are my friends, one my colleague from Illinois, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, and the other the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Congressman Paul Ryan from Janesville, WI. They appeared at a famous setting in Chicago, the City Club, and talked about immigration. Let me read what Congressman Paul Ryan said as a visitor joining Congressman Gutierrez in 2013:"
Trade Act Of 2015 October 30, 2015
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"We should use some of the sequester relief in the budget deal to fund transit programs and transportation, if necessary. I am proud to represent the city of Chicago. Our mass transit is essential. We, of course, stand by our infrastructure as well when it comes to highways, bridges, and rail service, but it is important that our mass transit systems across America be maintained."
Honoring Apostle Richard D. Henton October 28, 2015
Bobby Rush, D-IL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Apostle Richard D. Henton who made his heavenly transition on October 22, 2015. Apostle Henton was called into the ministry in 1948 and rose to become one of the most prolific speakers of our day. Apostle Henton served in ministry for 66 years, 50 of those as pastor of the 5,000 member Monument of Faith Church located in my district. Apostle Henton also founded the R. D. Henton Breakthrough Ministries, a weekly program that aired on television, radio and online throughout the world and allowed Apostle Henton to touch the lives of millions across the globe. This tremendous ministry permitted the world to know Apostle Henton’s charismatic and captivating voice that brought breakthroughs for his members and the world at-large and led many to know him not only as a faithful pastor but as their “TV Evangelist”. Mr. Speaker, Apostle Henton was a learned man who held three Doctorate of Divinity degrees and was the recipient of numerous certificates of merit. Apostle Henton was not only honored by our colleagues here in the House, but also with letters from presidents, and having been given keys to many cities. Of his numerous awards, he was especially proud of two very special awards he was given in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois: The N’Digo Foundation’s N’Faith Award and the Luminary Senior Citizen Hall of Faith Award presented by former Mayor Richard M. Daley. Of his many accomplishments, Mr. Speaker, we must not forget that, ultimately, Apostle Henton was a family man and the father of four children who worked faithfully with him in the ministry. Mr. Speaker, Apostle Henton will truly be missed by us all but I will always remember what an amazing pastor and friend he was. My thoughts and prayers are extended to his family, church family and many friends. No one can prepare for a loss; it comes like a swift wind, but, I take solace in the fact that he is now resting in the arms of our Lord."

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