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Entry Title Date
Program September 18, 2014
Mark Pryor, D-AR
"Mr. President, at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 12, there will be two rollcall votes on cloture on the nominations of Randolph Moss to be United States district judge for the District of Columbia and Leigh Martin May to be United States district judge for the Northern District of Georgia."
Keystone Xl Pipeline September 18, 2014
John Hoeven, R-ND
"I have one more question for my friend from Oklahoma before I turn to my good friend from the State of Georgia."
Make Our Energy More Reliable And More Affordable September 18, 2014
Rob Woodall, R-GA
"I grew up in the seventies. I remember the gas lines. I remember sitting outside. That was our great President from the State of Georgia that was presiding in those days, and I will never forget President Reagan’s first inaugural address."
Federal Reserve Transparency Act Of 2014 September 16, 2014
Mark Meadows, R-NC
"Mr. Speaker, I yield such time as he may consume to my distinguished colleague from the State of Georgia (Mr. Broun), a man who has worked very hard on this particular issue."
Tribute To The American Legion September 16, 2014
Paul Broun, R-GA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, the American Legion, which was chartered by Congress in 1919 on this date in history. Since then, it has grown to include more than 2.5 million members in over 14,000 American Legion posts worldwide, and its influence is invaluable. The American Legion supports a variety of programs that benefit the communities in my home state of Georgia and those around the world. As a Marine and retired officer in the Naval Reserves, I am deeply grateful for the Legion’s commitment to mentoring youth, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and encouraging continued devotion to fellow service members, veterans, and their families. Therefore, it is my honor to applaud the great work of the American Legion. Furthermore, it is my privilege to recognize the Wesley Lee Farley American Legion Post 583 and Auxiliary in Eatonton, Georgia. Incorporated in 1952, Post 583 was first comprised of World War II and Korean War veterans, who built the post from the ground up, supported by donated material from the Eatonton community and unending fundraisers by the future Unit 583 Auxiliary. Today, the post proudly presents to qualified students the “Fannie Pearl Farley Scholarship.” A charter member, Mrs. Farley served as the 69th Department of Georgia President, which is the highest office in the American Legion Auxiliary, and today she is still an active member of the post. On behalf of the United States Congress, I express my sincere respect and support for the American Legion, dedicated to upholding the ideals of freedom and democracy, while working to make a difference in the lives of fellow Americans around the world."

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