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Entry Title Date
Executive Session December 15, 2014
Susan Collins, R-ME
"The people of Georgia, the people of America, and those of us who have been privileged to serve as Saxby Chambliss’s colleagues are grateful for his service. I wish him all the best in the years to come, both on and off the golf course."
Tributes To Departing Senators December 15, 2014
Patrick Leahy, D-VT
"Senator Chambliss was recognized as a key legislator in the 2011 discussions surrounding deficit reduction. He has been an active member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a strong supporter of the National Guard. Through his tenure, he has been a steadfast representative for the people of Georgia, and one prominent publication in the State gave him the title “Georgian of the Year” in 2009."
Remembering Carl E. Sanders November 19, 2014
Phil Gingrey, R-GA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to celebrate the life of former Governor of Georgia and Chairman Emeritus of Troutman Sanders LLP, Carl E. Sanders, and thank him for his service to country and community."
Honoring The Congressional Staff Of Georgia’S 12Th Congressional District November 19, 2014
John Barrow, D-GA
"Madam Speaker, I don’t know if this will be the last time I address this House, but I can think of no more appropriate subject for such an occasion than to honor those who have worked with me over the last 10 years serving the people of Georgia‘s 12th Congressional District."
The Dedication Of A Bust Of Vaclav Havel In The United States Capitol November 19, 2014
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"This has been on full display over the past year in Ukraine, where one year ago courageous protesters gathered in Kiev’s Maidan Square to reject Putin’s attempts to pull their country closer into Russia’s orbit and away from greater democracy and economic opportunity. The Maidan protests and the regime’s violent response to them ushered in a new beginning for Ukrainian democracy, with free and fair elections held earlier this year. Unwilling to accept the decision the Ukrainian people have made about the future they want for their own nation, Putin’s Russia has violated Ukraine’s sovereignty by illegally annexing Crimea as well as sending troops and equipment across the border into southeastern Ukraine, much as it has done in the nation of Georgia."

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