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Executive Session December 15, 2014
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"This past year, Americans have battled public health crises on all fronts. Here at home, parents watched while a severe strain of enterovirus spread from State to State, threatening young children. My home State of Illinois was one of the hardest hit. I heard from doctors across the State that the minute they discharged one child with respiratory symptoms from the emergency room, another came in."
Remembering Philip Crane November 19, 2014
Mark Kirk, R-IL
"With the passing of Phil Crane, Illinois and Washington have lost one of its greats. Thank you, Phil Crane, for your service to the State of Illinois and to our country."
Honoring The Lives Of Former Representatives Phil Crane And Lane Evans November 14, 2014
Kevin Brady, R-TX
"Mr. Speaker, I rise tonight to celebrate the life and achievements of our late former colleague and friend, Congressman Phil Crane of Illinois. My memories of Phil are twofold."
Tribute To Former Representative Lane Evans November 13, 2014
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"Lane Evans ably served the people of Illinois‘s 17th District for 24 years. He had been a public interest lawyer and a Marine veteran when he took office in 1983, and he got right to work fighting for his constituents by standing up for workers’ rights, pushing for better care and benefits for those who had served in uniform, and advocating for greater opportunities for middle class families."
Honoring The Lives Of Former Representatives Phil Crane And Lane Evans November 13, 2014
Daniel Lipinski, D-IL
"From his time in the Marine Corps to nearly a quarter century in this House, Lane always put his country first. He bravely served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam war. His experience in the military and his firsthand knowledge of veterans’ issues led him to become a leading advocate for veterans during his time in Congress. Certainly, many would say he was the leading advocate on issues critical to veterans, such as posttraumatic stress disorder, the effects of Agent Orange, and homelessness. He was consistently a leader in crafting real policy solutions. In addition to the great work on veterans’ issues, Lane always dutifully served his constituents in the State of Illinois. He was a strong advocate for working people, and he was one of the first to see the need for renewable energies."

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