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Honoring The 70Th Anniversary Of The Chartering Of Argonne National Laboratory June 28, 2016
Bill Foster, D-IL
"Argonne is not only a scientific, but also an economic engine for my district and the state of Illinois, as the lab employs some 3,000 people, attracts thousands more as visitors and scientific facility users, and spends approximately $300 million annually through procurements to a diverse group of large and small businesses to support its overall mission."
Kenneth M. Christy Post Office Building June 21, 2016
Bill Foster, D-IL
"On March 26, 2016, the State of Illinois and the city of Aurora lost a consummate public servant. On the day he died, Ken Christy was the sitting Aurora township clerk, the president of the Illinois State Association of Letter Carriers, and a dear friend of mine."
Family First Prevention Services Act Of 2016 June 21, 2016
Sander Levin, D-MI
"I mentioned that we worked together on this. Mr. Buchanan, who is the chairman of our committee, others on the Republican side, and Mr. Doggett, Mr. Davis of Illinois, Ms. Bass, and others worked so hard on this, and I think it has improved this legislation."
Tribute To Charles L. Rice June 21, 2016
Barbara Mikulski, D-MD
"Prior to USU, Dr. Rice had a distinguished career in academic medicine and public service. He served as vice chancellor for Health Affairs and vice dean of the College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago. Previously, he was professor and chairman of surgery at University of Texas Southwestern. Dr. Rice also was a Robert Woods Johnson Fellow for former majority leader Senator Tom Daschle from 1991 to 1992."
Commerce, Justice, Science, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016 June 21, 2016
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"In my home State of Illinois, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who has been a real leader on this subject, settled a lawsuit last year against the notorious Westwood College. Westwood’s practices were not all that different from Corinthian—lying to students about job prospects."

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