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Ratepayer Protection Act Of 2015 June 24, 2015
Grace Napolitano, D-CA
"Mr. Chair, on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015, I was absent during rollcall vote No. 382. Had I been present, I would have voted “aye” on agreeing to the Rush of Illinois Amendment #2."
Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act June 24, 2015
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"They are arguing that the bill we passed in the Senate and the House did not include a subsidy, a tax credit, for those who are under Federal marketplace plans. My State of Illinois is one of those States. In Illinois, there are about 232,000 individuals who receive a tax credit that allows them to pay for their health insurance. Their income levels are such that they need a helping hand, otherwise the health insurance premium would be too expensive."
Congratulating Senator Peters June 17, 2015
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"Mr. President, I congratulate the junior Senator from Michigan for his opening speech in the Senate. My State of Illinois is separated from his State of Michigan by another State and a Great Lake, but we have many things in common."
Congratulating Youthhope On Its 20Th Anniversary June 15, 2015
Cheri Bustos, D-IL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate YouthHope on its 20th anniversary. For two decades now, YouthHope has been a safe, educational, and fun environment for children and teens from the Illinois Quad-Cities. YouthHope is an excellent example of how a group of dedicated citizens can have an outsized impact on their community. As a mother, I appreciate how important it is to protect our children and provide them with positive role models, encouragement and avenues to success, the very elements that YouthHope has provided to our young people for the last twenty years. The staff, volunteers and everyone else involved at YouthHope should be truly proud of the impact that they have had on young people’s lives in the Quad-Cities. I hope that others in our community and throughout the entire state of Illinois and country will look to YouthHope as a model for strengthening and giving back to the areas in which we live."
3Rd Anniversary Of Daca Program June 15, 2015
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"Today, the Center for American Progress released a new report on the impact on the economy of the United States of these people eligible for DACA, the young people, and DAPA, their parents. Over the next 10 years, in my home State of Illinois, these two Presidential policies will increase my State’s gross domestic product by almost $15 billion, and it will increase the overall earnings of the people living in my State."

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