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Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Reduction Act Of 2016 May 12, 2016
Michael Turner, R-OH
"Currently, nonviolent mothers and fathers have access to family- and community-based substance abuse treatment options that help keep their families together, and that should be true for expectant mothers as well. Our amendment would help provide this access to the 60 pregnant women in Ohio State prisons last month and countless others across the country, all of whom are ineligible for it today."
Recognizing The Life And Dedicated Service Of The Honorable Dennis “Nick” Nicholson May 10, 2016
Jeff Miller, R-FL
"Most will remember Commissioner Nicholson as a man of integrity and a consummate public servant who was instrumental in establishing the Emerald Coast Conference Center, constructing the handicapped access at Marler Park, and helping Okaloosa Island recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Opal in 1995. Those who are blessed to have known him best will also remember this lifelong Ohio State and Cleveland Browns football fan as a compassionate and devoted family man."
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016—Continued April 26, 2016
Rob Portman, R-OH
"There is also a heroin law enforcement task force that was dropped out and a drug court for veterans called the veterans court. That is a very important issue for all of us. The veterans’ testimony we got made it clear to us that these courts are working. I have toured some of these courts. I have had a chance to sit down at a roundtable discussion in Ohio with one of our great veterans courts to talk to veterans whose lives have been entirely turned around by these veterans courts. After years and years of bouncing around in the prison system or at the VA, finally they get into these drugs courts for veterans, where they are surrounded by other veterans and they are able to pull their lives together, to get their families back together, and in one case go back to school. There is one guy who is about to graduate from Ohio State University after years and years of not being able to find a way to move forward."
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016 April 21, 2016
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"At 17 years old, not much older than the young interns who are sitting here in the Chamber, I took my first oath as a midshipman. I was a freshman at the Ohio State Navy ROTC, where I was privileged to go on a Navy scholarship. Four years later, I took another oath and raised my right hand as an ensign in the Navy. I took an oath to defend the Constitution and the country and headed to Pensacola, FL, to become a naval flight officer right in the middle of the Vietnam war. I ended up serving three tours over there during that conflict."
America’S Small Business Tax Relief Act Of 2015 April 7, 2016
Rob Portman, R-OH
"I talked to a guy who has been in and out of the system his whole life. He is about 45 years old now. He finally found this court that was going to help him—took him out of jail and got him into treatment. Hanging over his head was the possibility of incarceration if he didn’t do the right thing and stay clean. He is now a senior at Ohio State University and is about to get his degree, and he reunited with his family for the first time in many years. He is clean. It can work."

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