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Providing For Congressional Disapproval Of A Rule Submitted By The Environmental Protection Agency—Continued November 17, 2015
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"Long before I ever moved to Delaware, I served as a naval flight officer in the Navy during the Vietnam war and served in Southeast Asia and other places. Long before I ever did that, long before I went to Ohio State to study economics, long before I moved to Virginia, I was born in West Virginia. I was born in a coal mining town. My dad, coming out of Shady Spring High School in Beaver, WV, was for a short while a coal miner. Even after my sister and I had grown up and left West Virginia—she after being in the third grade and I in the second grade—we would come back and visit my mom’s parents, my grandparents, in Beaver, WV, right outside of Beckley. A coal miner named Mr. Meaders lived next door to my grandparents. He had a big field of about 2 to 4 acres right next to my grandparents’ house. He would come home from work at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. He always had his coal mining clothes on. He had mined coal for decades. He also owned a cow, and he kept his cow in a shed on that 3-, 4-, 5-acre field. When he would come home, he would clean up, and then he would milk his cow and he would let us milk his cow. Mr. Meaders didn’t make his living off the milk from that cow. He made his living as a coal miner. And he wasn’t the only person in West Virginia who made their living mining coal. There are still a number of people in West Virginia whose income is derived from mining coal."
Honoring The Life Of Bill Arnsparger October 23, 2015
Andy Barr, R-KY
"Arnsparger went on to serve as an assistant coach at the college level at Ohio State, the University of Kentucky, and Tulane University. He was head coach at Louisiana State University. Arnsparger coached in the NFL for the Baltimore Colts, the Miami Dolphins, the New York Giants, and the San Diego Chargers. He also served as athletic director at the University of Florida. Arnsparger was famous for being the architect of the “No Name Defense” and the “Killer B’s” of the Miami Dolphins. Bill was inducted into the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll as well as Halls of Fame at Paris High School, Miami University, Kentucky Athletic, Florida Athletic, and the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame."
Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Of 2015 October 21, 2015
Rob Portman, R-OH
"Since 1958, this program has provided more than $28 billion in loans. It is a program that supports 60 different schools in my State. In the Buckeye State of Ohio, we have 60 schools that have loans under this program. Last year, more than 25,000 Ohio students received financial aid through this program—3,000 young people at Kent State and over 1,700 at the Ohio State University in Columbus."
Stop Sanctuary Policies And Protect Americans Act—Motion To Proceed October 20, 2015
Charles Schumer, D-NY
"There are few more qualified for a Federal judgeship than Ann Donnelly. She has dedicated her life to public service, having spent a quarter decade as a prosecutor in the prestigious New York County District Attorney’s Office under Bob Morgenthau. She accumulated a host of awards there and rose through the leadership ranks of the office. Then, in 2009, she became a State court judge in New York, hearing a wide variety of cases. She has a stellar academic record, having graduated from the University of Michigan and Ohio State University School of Law."
National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2016—Conference Report—Continued October 1, 2015
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"I myself am a veteran, a Navy midshipman out of Ohio State who studied economics for 4 years and went on to become a naval flight officer. I served for 5 years in Southeast Asia as a naval flight officer and then as a P-3 aircraft mission commander for another 18 years until the end of the Cold War. I loved the Navy. I loved serving."

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