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Honoring The Work Of Ted A. Beattie December 11, 2015
Luis Gutierrez, D-IL
"For 35 years he devoted his life to animal conservation and education. He holds degrees from Ohio State University (OSU). After completing his education, he went on to serve on the OSU Provost’s External Advisory Board on Teaching, the Advisory Board for the School of Journalism and Communication and the OSU Major Gifts Committee."
Additional Statements December 10, 2015
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"Since 1980, Carl had been a pillar of OSU‘s College of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences. The depth and breadth of his research portfolio is impressive and includes dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and over 1,000 articles developed for broader public consumption. Not just a researcher, Carl is a dedicated educator. Thousands of students have benefited from his teaching, leadership, and mentoring. Carl served as academic adviser to more than 200 students. For over a decade, he has been a faculty adviser for Ohio State’s SPHINX Senior Honorary—which each year pays tribute to 24 students who “embody the highest ideals of scholarship, leadership, camaraderie, citizenship, and service at The Ohio State University.” Additionally, he has helped organize programs with students to travel to China and the Czech Republic to study agriculture. As a professor, his interest in his students can be seen by the large number of farmers across my State that talk about their time in Dr. Zulauf’s classroom. The dozens of accolades that have been awarded to him throughout his tenure at OSU serve as witness to his impact as both a teacher and scholar. Carl’s many contributions are a reminder that the values of the SPHINX—service, camaraderie, leadership, and scholarship—are not solely the domain of OSU‘s students."
50Th Anniversary Of Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center August 3, 2015
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Over the last half-century, thanks in large part to early collaboration with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the Hatfield Center has served students from community college to post-doctoral candidates. In addition to providing educational opportunities, the Hatfield Center works closely with the Environmental Protection Agency to research the most pressing environmental issues of our generation. As climate change and sustainability increasingly impact our Nation’s agriculture and energy policies, Oregonians can take comfort in knowing that OSU‘s Marine Science Center has the technology and partnerships necessary to spearhead State, national and global initiatives."
Climate Change May 22, 2013
Peter DeFazio, D-OR
"Burke Hales, an OSU chemical oceanographer, coauthor with Alan Barton, who works at the Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery, looked into the fact that oysters were failing at an incredible rate to spawn and reproduce. Their study linked the production failures to the CO levels in the water. That has incredible implications for the future of not only the shellfish industry, an important industry in the Northwest and other parts of the country, but also for the whole ocean food chain.2"
Pacific Marine Energy Center January 15, 2013
Kurt Schrader, D-OR
"I am also very proud of Oregon State University and their continued leadership in this area. I would be very remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the incredible work done by Belinda Batten, director of NNMREC, and Annette von Jouanne, professor at Oregon State University, and all the faculty and students in the Wave Energy Department at OSU. Their tireless efforts are the reason we’re able to celebrate this achievement today."

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