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Celebrating The American Spirit September 19, 2014
Bill Posey, R-FL
"It’s critical to the survival of our nation and our freedom for young people to learn about our nation’s cultural heritage, our Constitution and history. That’s what Honor America is all about—promoting awareness of the great blessings of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—instilling both pride in American citizenship and respect for our flag."
Honoring Local Law Enforcement For Their Service To Our Community September 17, 2014
Frank Wolf, R-VA
"Good evening: My name is Jim Wink. On behalf of the Horse Shoe Curve Benevolent Association—I want to welcome everybody and thank you for coming out to recognize those who put their lives on the line to protect us. Before we begin to serve dinner, please stand for a short prayer by Rev. Canon Dwight L. Brown, Grace Episcopal Church, Berryville. Please join me in the Pledge of Alligence to our Flag. The purpose of tonight’s gathering is to enjoy the company, the food, the music, and—most important—to recognize local police and secuirty officers who’s dedication to serve their community—that’s us—has been outstanding. First: Let us recognize our guests. With us tonight are: Each of the officers recognized tonight will get not only our respect and thanks, but also a plaque from the HSC Benevolent Association, a certificate of appreciation from the VA House of Delegates—compliments of Del. Randy Minchew, and U.S. Congressional Recognition—compliments of Congressman Frank Wolf. They will also get outstanding photos of tonights activities compliments of Matt Baker."
The Star Spangled Banner September 11, 2014
Barbara Mikulski, D-MD
"The British bombed the Fort for twenty-five consecutive hours. Nearby, a young lawyer named Francis Scott Key watched from a ship where he was being held. When the smoke cleared on the morning of September 14, 1814, he saw the fifteen stars and fifteen stripes of the American flag streaming over the Fort. He was so thrilled that despite the bombs bursting in the air, “our flag was still there.” He went on to write the lines of the song that later became our National anthem, the Star Spangled Banner."
Domestic Prosperity And Global Freedom Act June 25, 2014
John Garamendi, D-CA
"If this bill moves forward as it is presently written, we will not see American ships under our flag with our sailors taking this natural resource, this strategic asset, across the oceans."
Celebrating Flag Day And The Army June 11, 2014
Glenn Thompson, R-PA
"On our flag, those 13 broad stripes and 50 bright stars are an important symbol of America that is recognized across the globe and, quite frankly, even on the Moon."

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