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Secret Science Reform Act Of 2014 November 19, 2014
Jim McGovern, D-MA
"Mr. Chairman, there used to be a time when our Republican friends respected science. There used to be a time when people like Vern Ehlers, a physicist from Michigan, was welcomed in the Republican Conference. Sadly, those times are long gone. If we can’t agree on basic scientific principles, then there isn’t much hope for us to agree on much else."
Immigration Reform November 19, 2014
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"They won’t do it. It has been 17 months. Then the President says, oh, my God, we have got an issue here. Everyone agrees we have 11 million undocumented immigrants here. We have issues at the border. We have issues at detention facilities. We have issues in the ag industry. We have issues of families being torn apart. The President is going to do what he can do, just as 10 other Presidents have done previously. So what does he get in response from our Republican friends? Nothing that would allay our concerns. They don’t say, Mr. President, we understand your frustration. Don’t worry, we will get a bill done. It may not be the same as the Senate. We have other ideas. They do nothing. They are do-nothing and they want our President to be do-nothing when it comes to immigration."
Paycheck Fairness Act September 15, 2014
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"This is not complicated, equal pay for equal work. We stand for that as Democrats, and we are going to keep on fighting for it. Tonight is that moment in time when we will see whether our Republican friends stand with us to give a fair shot to the women in this country—a fair shot—or they will block us as they have done before. I hope maybe they will see the light tonight. I don’t think anything I have said will influence them, but I hope it might, because I do think it is in their interests as well as the interests of the women in this Nation to stand united with the Democrats on this: equal pay for equal work, fairness and justice to the women in this Nation. They deserve it."
Affordable Care Act September 10, 2014
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"The result was not a bill that anybody would have designed, but it easily could have been made better, should our Republican friends have chosen. Instead, they have continued this unyielding assault."
School Certification September 10, 2014
Mazie Hirono, D-HI
"The very next day, here on the Senate floor, every single Republican Senator voted to filibuster the Paycheck Fairness Act, which failed on a procedural vote. I hope our Republican friends will reconsider their position on this important issue this time around."

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