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Affordable Care Act March 6, 2014
Christopher Murphy, D-CT
"I will end with the notion that it is important to remember every time our Republican friends come down to the floor and talk about how awful they believe the Affordable Care Act is, their proposal is to return cancer patients and families dealing with cancer back to the reality in which they had lifetime limits which ended their coverage—for this family I talked about from Indiana, after only several months—and they want to go back to the days in which families such as the Bergers lose everything, their savings, their home, because of a mistimed cancer diagnosis."
Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act February 6, 2014
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"Madam President, I rise to talk about the absolute necessity to pass this unemployment compensation bill. We should do it because it is the morally right thing to do, it is the economically right thing to do. We have listened to our Republican friends, and even though they always said in the past: Do not worry about paying for it—they passed it almost five times under George Bush without paying for it—now all of a sudden they say: Pay for it. We do pay for it in this bill. So I do not know what it is they exactly want."
Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act Of 2014—Motion To Proceed—Continued January 28, 2014
Christopher Murphy, D-CT
"The Affordable Care Act says there can’t be any more of those annual limits, but the proposal from our Republican friends says that annual limits can come back from insurance companies. To someone such as Debra Gauvin from Connecticut, who had a $20,000 limit and who was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer and hit her limit about halfway through the year and then incurred about $18,000 of additional costs, causing her to basically forgo treatment, that was a painful reality of an insurance plan not delivering on insurance simply because she got so sick she had big costs. That would once again be the reality. The Republican plan would once again allow for annual limits."
Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act—Motion To Proceed January 8, 2014
Tom Harkin, D-IA
"I am also concerned about the deficit of imagination today in Washington. I am concerned by our failure to confront today’s economic challenges with the boldness and the vision that earlier generations of Americans summoned in times of national challenge. Indeed, our Republican friends reject the very possibility that the Federal Government can act to spur economic growth and create good middle-class jobs. This is their ideological position, and they are sticking to it. But this flies in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary across our Nation’s history."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 1900, Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act November 20, 2013
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"No immigration reform has been brought to the floor, although it passed the Senate with 68 votes, comprehensive immigration reform, which will address a problem that every Member of this House says is an immigration system that is broken. The majority leader said that the other day, and I asked him about the four bills that our Republican friends, Mr. Speaker, have reported out of committee but they languish somewhere in the netherworld, not brought to the floor for consideration by this House."

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