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Energy Policy Modernization Act Of 2015 February 4, 2016
Lisa Murkowski, R-AK
"This morning I want to speak directly to this to let Members know what has gone on because we were not out here on the floor all day yesterday hashing things back and forth. We have been discussing very earnestly, and I believe very constructively, what our options are, how we can find a path forward that will yield a result, not just send a message but yield a result to help the people in Flint, MI."
Higher Education Extension Act Of 2015 December 16, 2015
Rob Portman, R-OH
"I thank Senator Ayotte, Senator Casey, and Senator Baldwin. We have been at this for a while. We have been out here on the floor a few times talking about this. I think this is a result that lets us say to the people we represent back home: We are going to give you that certainty, that confidence to know this is not going to be pulled away."
Tax Break Equality December 16, 2015
Edward Markey, D-MA
"Third, this is a tale of two tax breaks. One tax break is for Big Oil. They get $7 to $8 billion a year in tax breaks, and it is permanent—permanent. What happened in this bill is that the $7 to $8 billion for tax breaks for wind and solar are now going to be phased out. We hear constantly from Republicans out here on the floor that they believe in “all of the above.” Well, you can’t have “all of the above” competing fairly if one industry—the oil industry—gets their $7 to $8 billion in tax breaks every year, and wind and solar—the technologies of the 21st century—are going to have their tax breaks phased out over the next 4 to 5 years. That is in this bill."
Providing For Congressional Disapproval Of A Rule Submitted By The Environmental Protection Agency—Continued November 17, 2015
Edward Markey, D-MA
"Today we are debating a resolution to overturn the Clean Power Plan, and should it pass, the President will veto it and Republicans won’t have the votes to overturn the veto. What the Republicans are doing today is nothing more than a political Kabuki theater. Instead of wasting time tilting at legislative windmills, we should be passing tax extenders to help build more wind turbines and more solar panels in the United States of America. That is what we should be debating out here on the floor of the Senate today."
America’S Space Program June 15, 2015
Bill Nelson, D-FL
"We can correct this decision when that appropriations bill comes to the floor of the Senate. I hope we will. I hope folks such as Senator McCain—one of this country’s two heroes who is taking this on in the defense committee—are going to help us out here on the floor by taking this on in the Appropriations Committee."

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