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Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 April 10, 2014
Sean Duffy, R-WI
"Mr. Chairman, I think this is a fascinating debate that is taking place today, laying out truly the two versions and visions for America. My friends on the other side of the aisle have no interest in putting America on a pathway to sustainability. They advocate for $2 trillion of more taxes, but more taxes and more spending in their proposal never leads us to a balanced budget. They lead us to a debt crisis."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 April 8, 2014
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"Yes, I said a pathway. And thank you, Mr. Van Hollen, because we have looked at this budget and looked at how it will create more poverty. So it is a pathway into poverty."
Providing For Consideration Of H. Con. Res. 96, Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015, And Providing For Proceedings During The Period From April 11, 2014, Through April 25, 2014 April 8, 2014
Rob Woodall, R-GA
"I have great respect and admiration for my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who have said yes, let’s do raise taxes by $5 trillion. Yes, let’s do reset our priorities. Let’s actually describe a pathway to a balanced budget. It is not an easy pathway to get to, but it matters."
The Hudson River School Of Painting April 8, 2014
Paul Tonko, D-NY
"The Hudson River Valley has always had a special importance for our Nation. It was the pathway for early settlers to begin the westward movement that expanded our Nation’s borders. To this day, we celebrate the Hudson River School of painting across the country and continue to do so in areas like Albany, New York, the capital region of New York."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 1874, Pro-Growth Budgeting Act Of 2013; Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 1871, Baseline Reform Act Of 2013; And Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 1872… April 4, 2014
Rob Woodall, R-GA
"The debate is not about whether or not we have an obligation to our neighbors. We do. The question is are we meeting our obligation to our neighbors, and I will tell you that we are not. The pathway up in this country is what our obligation is here. I would say to my friends that providing a safety net that has no ladder out is a cruel and unsatisfactory path for this House."

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