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Sponsoring Americans April 7, 2014
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Finally, the Koch brothers claim they are fighting to restore a free society—also some buzz words: “Free society.” Free in what way? They single-handedly turned the American electoral process into a pay-to-play scheme. The Koch brothers’ endgame is to elect officials, to elect people who will help overhaul our system of government and replace it with something more to their liking to increase their wealth. Even though they are the richest people in the world, they want to be richer."
Small Business Capital Access And Job Preservation Act December 4, 2013
Stephen Lynch, D-MA
"The commission has brought enforcement actions against private equity funds and their advisory personnel involving unlawful pay-to-play schemes, insider trading, conflicts of interest, valuation, and misappropriation of assets."
State Ethics Law Protection Act June 12, 2013
Mike Quigley, D-IL
"Unfortunately, the Federal Government is currently preventing numerous States from using one of the most important tools we have to fight cronyism, corruption, and waste. My home State of Illinois, which is no stranger to these issues, along with several other States around the country, has taken a stand against corruption by passing laws to eliminate shady pay-to-play contracting."
The Power Of Unity January 2, 2013
Dennis Kucinich, D-OH
"We need a new politics in America which unites people, which sets aside partisan differences for the greater good of the country, and which strives to reconnect with the greatness of the Nation and the goodness of the American people. But what would that politics look like? The rhetoric would change to one of mutual respect. The questioning of motives would end. The poison system of “pay to play” would be transformed by public financing, and our government would be rededicated to addressing the practical aspirations of the American people for jobs, for health care for all, for education for all, for retirement security for all, and for environmental security."
Omnibus Appropriations Conference Report December 16, 2011
Tom Coburn, R-OK
"Let me make one additional point. Things are not right in our country because things aren’t right in the Senate. This 1,200-page bill that should have come out here appropriations bill by appropriations bill—11 or 12 appropriations bills—has over $3.5 billion worth of phonemarks in it. We don’t have earmarks anymore; they are all phonemarks. The corruption is still here. The pay-to-play game is still going on in Washington. Now we just don’t do it in the bill, we do it by telephone, and we threaten agencies: If you don’t give this money to this person, your money will be cut the next year."

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