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Additional Statements October 7, 2015
Steve Daines, R-MT
"The Veterans History Project’s mission is to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal accounts of American wartime veterans, resulting in an incredible resource for researchers, educators, and future generations to hear directly from veterans and to better understand the realities of past wars."
Conflict In The Middle East January 15, 2014
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"So last July, I took to this floor and this podium and talked about the incredible uprising, how deeply touching it was to hear personal accounts, to see the photographs, to hear and see the videos of what was going on when moderate Muslims, Christians, Jews, seculars were coming together figuratively and literally, hand in hand, to protest against radical Islam being in control of Egypt."
Presidential And Federal Records Act Amendments Of 2014 January 14, 2014
Blake Farenthold, R-TX
"H.R. 1233 would also create a framework to end the all-too-common practice of executive branch employees using personal email, IM, instant messages, and similar technologies to engage in official Federal business. Specifically, the bill requires official business done on personal accounts be forwarded to an official account within 5 days and authorizes negative personnel actions against individuals who intentionally violate this disclosure requirement."
Recognizing Thomas Watson Harrell, Sr. September 18, 2013
Jack Kingston, R-GA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Mr. Thomas Watson Harrell, Sr., a World War II Navy veteran who passed away recently at the age of 91. Born in Cuthbert, GA on October 12, 1921, Mr. Harrell enlisted in the Navy in 1942 and was first stationed in Norfolk, VA. Mr. Harrell served honorably and faithfully until 1945, rising to the rank of Quartermaster Second Class. For most of his service, Mr. Harrell sailed aboard the destroyer escort USS Crouter (DE-11). He was one of the original crew members and a part of the initial shakedown cruise. The Crouter would go on to see almost all of its action in the volatile South Pacific, including escorting the invasion force bound for Okinawa. Mr. Harrell represents a part of this country’s greatest generation, distinguished by their honor and sacrifice. Mr. Harrell’s story will be preserved for future generations as a part of the Library of Congress’s Veterans History Project, which preserves and makes accessible to future generations the personal accounts of American war veterans so that others may understand their stories and sacrifice. Mr. Harrell was proud of his service and was an active member of the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association. Always mindful of his civic duties, Mr. Harrell was active in supporting his elected representatives and never missed an opportunity to vote, even voting in the last election by absentee ballot from his nursing home. I am honored today to recognize the service of Mr. Thomas Watson Harrell, Sr. and his contributions to the United States of America."
Executive Session July 17, 2013
Marco Rubio, R-FL
"Then the nominee was asked: By the way, did you use your personal e-mail to conduct this deal? Did you e-mail with people about it? We understand your Federal account, we have access to that, but did you use your personal accounts?"

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