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Immigration Reform June 15, 2015
Harry Reid, D-NV
"I have seen personally the contributions of immigrants and the positive impact that a diversity of backgrounds has on shaping public policy. My staff represents generations of immigrants brought to this country. One staff member was born in the Philippines and emigrated with her mother to Las Vegas. Another left Nicaragua in the 1980s in the midst of a brutal civil war and settled in Carson City. Others came from Mexico, El Salvador, and Poland. Much like our Nation, my office is all the better because it reflects the diverse backgrounds, communities, and perspectives of those who have immigrated to Nevada."
Trade Promotion Authority June 1, 2015
Steve Russell, R-OK
"If we can turn former enemies, such as Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the Philippines, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Japan, and Vietnam, into our top trading partners, can we not also reach out to China?"
Our Country’S Transportation System May 21, 2015
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"They will say to us: We thought you wanted to borrow money, so leave us alone on currency manipulation. They may say: Leave us alone when it comes to taking unfair advantage in terms of trade. When the Chinese are pushing around the Vietnamese in the Philippines in the South China Sea—where I used to fly as a flight officer—they would say: You cannot do that."
Citation To Recognize Brigadier General Dennis D. Doyle, Deputy Chief Of Staff, G-3/5/7, Office Of The Surgeon General, U.S. Army May 20, 2015
Marcy Kaptur, D-OH
"Balancing five hats, he effective established connections, and strengthened and influenced strategic partnerships with PACOM countries including Korea, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. His PRMC team provided unmatched support to USARPAC and USPACOM interests in the Asia-Pacific. His strategic leadership inspired trust in the health system throughout the Pacific achieving consistent patient satisfaction rates of over 85 percent. In addition, PRMC’s Integrative Pain Management Center ranked as the best in the Army because of the close clinical collaboration with multiple disciplines and an emphasis on weaning Soldiers off their pain medication drugs. PRMC was recognized as one of the most productive Regional Medical Commands exceeding patient safety standards and quality measures as well as leading the way in an external accreditation survey and Risk Management oversight spanning the entire PACOM area of responsibility with facilities in Korea, Japan, and Hawaii. The Surgeon General personally selected BG Doyle to serve as her Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7 based on unequalled operational experience, strategic acumen and proven leadership. His transformative excellence was deemed an imperative during a period of significant cultural and organizational transformation. Upon assuming his role, BG Doyle was immediately faced with operationalizing The Surgeon General’s transformation from a healthcare system to a System for Health. He infused irreversible momentum in promoting the Performance Triad, the primary mechanism to influence readiness and health by targeting Sleep, Activity and Nutrition behaviors for Soldiers, Family members and all 3.9 million beneficiaries. In the Total Army Force concept, BG Doyle has also been instrumental in driving toward COMPO 2 and implementation with full support from the Chief of the Army Reserve and Army National Guard. The nuances of implementation in the Reserve Components have been fully explored to ensure that this is executable for our Citizen Soldiers. Furthermore, BG Doyle’s operational perspective was instrumental in ensuring the direct correlation of Army Medicine command structures with supported Army Corps and ASCC commanders. The decisions currently being enacted represent the largest organizational changes in the past few decades and will ensure that MEDCOM is a balanced, agile and streamlined organization postured to support Army Force 2025 and Beyond concepts. In parallel with the command’s deliberate, strategic initiatives, BG Doyle served as the single mission command focal point synchronizing and integrating TSG/CG, MEDCOM command guidance for the command despite geographic dispersion across five continents and supporting roles to COCOMs and ASCCs. This superb operational coordination/synchronization was accomplished through the Army’s largest Direct Reporting Unit, a complex, integrated Army-wide health service system. BG Doyle’s bold, transformational leadership was the driving force for the brilliant translation of command intent and communication throughout the staff and major subordinate commands and was affected in an extremely dynamic environment immediately following OTSG/MEDCOM OneStaff reorganization. His passionate desire to lead the preeminent healthcare force in the world: the best led, trained and equipped for without peer, has raised the collective skill level and efforts of the entire headquarters. As a result of tireless, direct engagement on the part of BG Doyle, the command now functions with superior efficiency in establishing core or functional crisis action teams and integrated process action teams to respond to a wide array of complex problem sets. All of Army Medicine’s System for Health efforts are grounded in the imperative to optimize performance. Every provider to patient interaction will be viewed through the lens of improving the development, performance, resilience and accelerated rehabilitation of the Professional Soldier Athlete. Through his efforts BG Doyle has established the MEDCOM G-3/5/7 function as the preeminent staff element of its kind in support of the Army’s largest direct reporting unit. He has ensured the success of the MEDCOM through the essential task of synchronizing the efforts of the command and communicating the mission, vision and intent of the commander. His impact on this command and the Army is immeasurable. BG Doyle represents the very best of Army and Nation."
Tribute To Durward “Butch” Waddill May 19, 2015
Jon Tester, D-MT
"On November 9, 1967, Butch was monitoring his battalion’s radio net from a base at Phu Bai when he heard his reconnaissance team had been ambushed and was having trouble evacuating casualties. Butch hadn’t been assigned to patrol because he was preparing to attend Navy diving school in the Philippines. Butch rushed to board a helicopter that was going to attempt to extract the team and insisted on joining the rescue effort. At the team’s location, the thick jungle extended for miles and there were no available clearings that were suitable for the helicopter to land. Butch requested to be lowered by cable through the jungle canopy. Without regard for his own safety, Butch immediately organized the evacuation of the two most seriously wounded. Then continuing his brave mission he helped rescue the remaining team members. He administered first aid while directing fire to protect the team’s escape."

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