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Black History Month February 11, 2016
Benjamin Cardin, D-MD
"The first provision contained within the BALTIMORE Act is the End Racial Profiling Act. The End Racial Profiling Act would end racial and discriminatory profiling by State and local law enforcement and require mandatory data collection and reporting. Think about this for a moment: In 2016 there is no national standard against law enforcement officers stopping someone merely because of his or her race. I am pleased that Maryland attorney general Brian Frosh recently issued guidelines prohibiting the use of discriminatory profiling by State and local law enforcement in Maryland. And the Attorney General of the United States has acted, but we need a national standard with the force of law that would prohibit the use of discriminatory profiling by any Federal, State, or local law enforcement officer."
Regulatory Gridlock January 8, 2016
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"You don’t have to profile Muslims, but you should be profiling those who are studying radical Islam, like Qutb, like in his booklet “Milestones,” which Osama bin Laden said radicalized him—or helped."
Omnibus Legislation December 18, 2015
Benjamin Cardin, D-MD
"I think my colleagues are aware of the challenges we have had in Baltimore. I am very pleased that the Obama administration, through its agencies, has made resources available to Baltimore and other urban centers to deal with opportunity for all communities and to restore the confidence between law enforcement and community. This budget moves forward on those commitments—from body cameras for police to helping law enforcement deal with ending racial profiling, to the Byrne grant funds—and over $476 million is available. And community and youth opportunities are in this budget as well. The Byrne grant was one-half billion dollars. As to community youth opportunities, this is a budget that will help us deal with the problems in our urban centers."
Combating Anti-Semitism, Racism, And Other Forms Of Intolerance December 15, 2015
Benjamin Cardin, D-MD
"I have sought to address these issues with several pieces of legislation, including S. 1056, the End Racial Profiling Act; S. 1610, officially named the BALTIMORE Act, Building and Lifting Trust in Order to Multiply Opportunities in Racial Equality, and S. 2168, the Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act. Among other provisions, these laws would ban racial profiling by State and local law enforcement, establish mandatory data collection and reporting, and address the issues of police accountability and building trust between police departments and communities by providing incentives for local police organizations to voluntarily adopt performance-based standards to reduce misconduct."
Providing For Consideration Of Conference Report On H.R. 644, Trade Facilitation And Trade Enforcement Act Of 2015, And Providing For Consideration Of Senate Amendments To H.R. 2250, Legislative… December 11, 2015
Tom Cole, R-OK
"As I read the press, I find one article that tells me there are 47,000 people on it; another one that tells me, no, there is 470,000 people; yet another that tells me there are 1 million people on it or more. I do know that the American Civil Liberties Union has called the terrorist watch list a “massive, virtually standardless, government watch list scheme that ensnares innocent people and encourages racial and religious profiling.” Now, that is not from a conservative group. That is the American Civil Liberties Union."

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