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Walter Scott And Police Violence In America: Where Do We Go From Here? April 21, 2015
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"Congress must work with the Department of Justice to ensure training programs are available to ALL law enforcement officials to reduce racial bias and profiling and provide law enforcement officers with the resources to address, defuse and manage situations without the unnecessary use of deadly force."
Taylor Nguyen’S Essay April 14, 2015
Pete Olson, R-TX
"During the past 15 years, America has experienced dramatic occurrences such as Hurricane Katrina and the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster. Technology such as the iPhone, has immensely improved our means of communication. However, the greatest impact on the United States was the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. On this day the deaths of over 3,400 people, including police officers and firefighters, transformed the United States forever. Since 9/ 11, airports have been reconstructed to operate with thorough security measures, amidst the oversight of the government instituted Department of Homeland Security. Advanced searches on people and luggage have successfully prevented another hijacking on American soil. Unfortunately, the terrorists claimed devotion to Islam have ram shackled some American’s views of the Muslim community. This tragic affair became a catalyst for protection from future catastrophes. On November 25th, 2002, Homeland security was established. Not only do they inhibit terrorist strikes, but they also monitor cyberspace and oversee our borders. The department’s border security techniques have been scrutinized. Yet terrorists have been detained, and eradicated (i.e. Osama Bin Laden) as a result of the department’s hard work and commitment to the American people. The sector of Homeland Security that Americans encounter most often in the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA. This department was designed to take further precautionary measures prior to boarding an aircraft. The American people have complained that TSA is time consuming, and violates an individual’s civil liberties. There have even been claims of racial profiling. TSA has received negative commentary; however the overall actions are necessary for the safety of the American people. The Muslim Community has been dramatically affected. A poll taken one month after the 9/11 attacks by ABC news, announced that 47 percent of Americans appreciated the lives of Muslim Americans. On the most recent anniversary of the disaster, the poll was recalculated and the response was a devastating 27 percent. Due to the terrorists claiming to be devout Islamists and Al Qaeda participants, a negative stigmatism has spread rampantly throughout the United States in the reflection of the Islamic community. Hopefully through education and understanding, Americans can welcome our Islamic community with open arms. September 11th was a great loss for the victims’ families, whose lives were forever broken, and a travesty for all of America. In the years following the attacks, America has taken a no tolerance stance against terrorism within our country and all over the world. With pride and justice, the lives lost will not have been taken in vain. They have paved a road of stronger security, and saved lives in the process. Although we have a long road ahead, we will remember, and we will build from the rubble a stronger, more valorous United States of America."
Lynch Nomination April 14, 2015
Debbie Stabenow, D-MI
"Loretta Lynch understands the devastating effect racial profiling has had on the relationship between the police and the public, which is why I am pleased to learn of her support for police body cameras and so many other policies that would help in that regard. In addition, she understands the threat posed by those who would intimidate Americans from participating in elections."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget, Fiscal Year 2016—Continued March 25, 2015
Benjamin Cardin, D-MD
"The Affordable Care Act advanced oral health. I will be offering some additional amendments on oral health and racial profiling. I hope the Senate will go on record on voter enfranchisement. I hope we will go on record to make it easier for us to reach the consensus we need to pass these important bills."
50Th Anniversary Of Bloody Sunday March 4, 2015
Benjamin Cardin, D-MD
"Today, we must confront the issue of racial profiling. Racial profiling is the practice of discriminatory profiling based on race, ethnicity, religion or any other stereotype, and it is a matter that needs to be addressed from its root causes."

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