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puerto rico

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Free Puerto Rico February 11, 2016
Luis Gutierrez, D-IL
"Mr. Speaker, I come with a humble message from the Puerto Rican people to the House of Representatives: Free Puerto Rico."
Trade Facilitation And Trade Enforcement Act Of 2015—Conference Report February 11, 2016
Gary Peters, D-MI
"As you mentioned in the disaster fund, we have a disaster fund that is designed specifically for events like we have seen in Flint. You mentioned the West Texas explosion. We have had water main breaks in Massachusetts, a Caribbean oil corporation refinery explosion in Puerto Rico, a bridge collapse in Minneapolis, a chemical spill in West Virginia. The list goes on and on. When we have had some sort of tragedy around this country, the U.S. Senate steps up and says: We are compassionate. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. This is about the American people."
The El Faro February 11, 2016
Bill Nelson, D-FL
"Mr. President, late last year a cargo container ship carrying 33 men and women left Florida from the Port of Jacksonville en route to Puerto Rico. It typically sailed back and forth, carrying cargo to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico, but this time it sailed directly into the path of a hurricane."
Debt Management And Fiscal Responsibility Act Of 2015 February 11, 2016
Sean Duffy, R-WI
"My amendment here today is very simple. All it says is let’s make sure that the Treasury comes clean and tells the American people whether it can pay principal and interest before other obligations so that America does not default on its debt. It is very simple. No one here wants to hit the debt limit, and no one wants us to be the next Greece or Puerto Rico, but that is going to take working together in order to make sure we have budgets that balance at some point in the future."
Heeding Hurricane Warnings February 8, 2016
Bill Nelson, D-FL
"Sadly, last year the El Faro, a cargo vessel that sailed from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico and back, along with its sister ship, sailed right into a hurricane off the Bahamas. As a result, the last call to shore, although the captain’s voice was calm, was to report that they had lost power and were therefore listing, which meant that something had been breached and water was coming into the ship. That was the last we heard from the captain. We now know that that ship is 5 miles below the surface of the Atlantic, on the eastern side of the Bahama Islands. Thirty-three people lost their lives, most of whom were from the Jacksonville, FL, area. The National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation, and the question is whether or not they are going to put down another U.S. Navy submersible so they can continue their search for the recorder that would give them the complete data from the ship."

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