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In Recognition Of El Catano “La Casita” Community Garden December 2, 2014
Charles Rangel, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, today I rise to recognize El Catano, affectionately known as “La Casita” Community Garden, which celebration took place on Saturday, June 7th in celebration of the 2014 National Puerto Rican Day Parade. In 1994, Jose and his sister Esther Reyes decided to look for an empty lot to start a community garden. The garden would be named after the Town of Catano, which is located across from the bay of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The lot was a rat infested dumping ground for garbage, needles and crack vials, before Jose and Esther took on the challenge and collected over 200 signatures throughout the immediate neighborhood to acquire the lot in support of a community garden. Support grew from community organizations and businesses, which enabled Jose and Esther to acquire the lot and to clean it. In 1995, La Casita de Catano Community Garden was born."
Legislative History On Passage Of Faleomavaega Bill To Provide Asg Authority To Issue Bonds Exempt From State And Local Taxation December 2, 2014
Eni Faleomavaega, D-AS
"Congressman Faleomavaega announced that on November 4, 2003 the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed H.R. 982, a bill he introduced to provide the American Samoa Government with the authority to issue bonds exempt from state and federal taxation. I would like to thank Chairman Pombo and Ranking Member Rahall of the Resources Committee and Chairman Sensenbrenner and Ranking Member Conyers of the Judiciary Committee for their continued support regarding the needs of American Samoa and for their efforts to bring H.R. 982 to the Floor, Congressman Faleomavaega said. H.R. 982 would amend the U.S. Code to allow interest earned from American Samoa bonds to be exempt from both state and local taxation. Under the U.S. Code, Congress has expressly provided for the exemption of state and local taxes for bonds issued by Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands. While American Samoa can issue bonds similar to the other territories, the interest earned from American Samoa bonds is subject to taxation by the several States, Washington, DC and the other territories. H.R. 982 would provide parity to American Samoa. H.R. 982 will also make American Samoa bonds more attractive to investors and could save the American Samoa Government between $20,000 and $50,000 a year in interest costs on municipal bonds it may issue, the Congressman said. The American Samoa Power Authority has indicated that it would like to sell bonds to purchase new diesel generator sets to accommodate our growing population. This legislation would lower the interest costs of the prospective sales and will also enable the government to address deficiencies in its current infrastructure. This legislation is identical to H.R. 1448 which I introduced in the 107th Congress. H.R. 1448 was adopted by the Judiciary and Resources Committees and was finally agreed to by voice vote on the House Floor on September 24, 2002. Unfortunately, the Senate was unable to consider this legislation before the 107th Congress adjourned. However, the Judiciary and Resources Committees once again supported American Samoa’s interests by unanimously passing H.R. 982 in the 108th Congress and I am thankful that my friends, both Republican and Democrat, also voted in favor of H.R. 982 when this matter was brought to the Floor for consideration. This legislation is beneficial and critical to the needs of American Samoa and in due time will help us build and strengthen our local economy. At this time, I also want to thank Governor Togiola for his support and I look forward to working with my friends in the U.S. Senate to make sure that this legislation is passed before the 108th Congress adjourns next year, the Congressman concluded."
Recognizing The Contributions Of Kenneth D. Mcclintock November 12, 2014
Alan Grayson, D-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, to recognize Kenneth D. McClintock. McClintock served as the 22nd Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. As Secretary of State, he fulfilled two roles, serving as the head of Puerto Rico‘s Department of State and, perhaps even more important, serving as lieutenant governor. McClintock also served as Acting Governor whenever the Governor was away from Puerto Rico."
Recognizing The Service Of Eduardo Posada November 12, 2014
Alan Grayson, D-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, to recognize Eduardo Posada. Born in Puerto Rico on February 8, 1929, his father was a Colombian native and his mother was Puerto Rican. He spent his early years in New York City until 1935, when his family moved back to Puerto Rico. Except for two brief stints back in New York, Ed stayed in Puerto Rico where he obtained his BA from the Polytechnic Institute of Puerto Rico (now Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico) in 1949."
Recognizing The Contributions Of Izadeli “Iza” Montalvo Vazquez November 12, 2014
Alan Grayson, D-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, to recognize Izadeli “Iza” Montalvo Vazquez. Iza was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and was raised in the town of Sabana Grande. From a very early age, she demonstrated a gift for poetry and by the age of seven, she wrote her first poem. Her love for writing was inherited from her uncle, Emilio Forestier Gregory, a lawyer and published poet in Puerto Rico."

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