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Honoring Fallen Law Enforcement Officers May 15, 2015
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"Well, Mr. Speaker, they received backing from this administration is what the bottom line is, not from all of us here because some of us have been saying that this administration is providing weapons to the Islamic State. They were providing weapons to the so-called vetted moderate Free Syrian Army. Remarkably weapons that the Obama administration was providing to the vetted moderate Syrian Army kept ending up in Islamic State hands. And they were, Oh, gee, they raided, they took this stuff, they took the weapons, send us more. Well, the Obama administration wised up about 4 months. They suspended weapons shipment to the vetted moderate Free Syrian Army. But then, not to worry, they eventually started back sending weapons to the vetted moderate Free Syrian Army even after their leaders were saying, Yeah, we may disagree with the Islamic State on the leader, Assad, the leader in Syria, but we are brothers, and we do line up on most issues."
Stop The Export-Import Bank April 23, 2015
Ken Buck, R-CO
"It only gets worse, Mr. Speaker. In 2009, former Democratic Congressman William J. Jefferson from Louisiana was convicted of accepting bribes from U.S. telecom company IGATE and a Nigerian company in exchange for selling access to Ex-Im Bank employees. Jefferson was even videotaped receiving $100,000 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel right across the river in Arlington. When Federal investigators raided Jefferson’s house, they discovered over $90,000 in cash stashed away in his freezer. This does not even take into account the former Ex-Im employee, Maureen Scurry, who was indicted for accepting $173,500 worth of bribes to help the Nigerian company."
150Th Anniversary Of Burlington, Vermont Police Department March 16, 2015
Patrick Leahy, D-VT
"Mr. President, next week I will join many Vermonters to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Burlington Police Department, which was established in early 1865 with the appointment of the city’s first constable, Luman A. Drew. For the sake of historical perspective: Mr. Drew was chosen for this high post after his service in the pursuit and capture of a group of Confederate cavalrymen who had raided nearby St. Albans, robbing its banks and burning its buildings before fleeing toward Canada."
Combating Human Trafficking January 26, 2015
Joyce Beatty, D-OH
"Behind the Powell storefront—between a dentist’s office and a dessert shop—the women slept each night on massage tables. Rarely, investigators say, did they appear to leave the Amsun Massage Spa, a business that caught the attention of Powell police not long after it opened last fall in a strip mall at 128 E. Olentangy St. The women worked there. They ate there. They slept there. They might not have had a choice, authorities said. Local, state and federal investigators announced yesterday that the massage parlor was a front for organized prostitution and was one of four addresses raided in Delaware and Franklin counties as part of Powell’s investigation. A parallel federal investigation resulted in searches of other addresses, although details of those raids were under court- ordered seal yesterday. The combined searches turned up 18 women who speak little or no English and might have been trafficked to work in the sex trade. Investigators said various agencies have stepped in to provide shelter and other support to the women. “They don’t know the culture, they don’t speak the language, and they’re very untrusting of law enforcement,” said Nathan Emery, special agent in charge of the Columbus office of the federal Homeland Security Investigations agency. The women fear deportation, a threat that was used by their employers to keep them in line, police said. Authorities are trying to pin down their identities and countries of origin. “We are not just arresting those who are suspected of trafficking women for sex, we are also rescuing those who may be victims of this heinous crime,” said Cmdr. Gary Cameron of the Columbus police narcotics bureau. Powell’s search warrants were served at Amsun Massage in Powell; Amsun Massage, l000 High St., Worthington; Rainbow Massage, 5564 Hilliard-Rome Rd. on the Far West Side; and a Jasmine Court residence on the Far West Side. A man and woman from Columbus were arrested: Xiao Shuang Chao, 56, and Qing Xu, whose age was unknown. Investigators aren’t sure of the couple’s relationship but said they operated the businesses locally. They face organized-crime charges in Delaware County Common Pleas Court. Powell Police Chief Gary Vest said that soon after Amsun opened, his department was tipped that women were living there and providing sex-related services to clients. Emery said women are brought to the United States by human traffickers and, instead of finding a better life, “to pay off their debts, they’re put into forced servitude.”"
Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015 September 17, 2014
Ted Poe, R-TX
"In September 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that ISIS raided a Free Syrian Army weapons depot, taking small arms and ammunition provided by the CIA."

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