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Entry Title Date
Protecting Volunteer Firefighters And Emergency Responders Act Of 2014 April 3, 2014
Richard Blumenthal, D-CT
"This great company can reclaim its iconic brand and luster by breaking with its past, and Mary Barra has the opportunity for this historic contribution. As I said to her yesterday, she may be surrounded by a phalanx of lawyers and public relations people who will advise her to be cautious, to be timid, and to be reactive, but now is the time for her to seize the initiative and take three simple steps as a beginning."
Metro-North Train Safety March 14, 2014
Eliot Engel, D-NY
"The FRA’s report makes several recommendations that, if implemented, might help prevent accidents in the future. According to the report, Metro-North is plagued by three fundamental problems: a destructive emphasize on timely departures and arrivals; the absence of proactive rather than reactive responses to safety concerns; and defective training procedures. Four serious Metro-North accidents occurred just last year, and that is four too many."
Transportation Security Acquisition Reform Act December 3, 2013
Richard Hudson, R-NC
"I recognize that TSA is constantly trying to respond to new threats—they have a difficult job—but in some cases, the pressures to perform and deploy new technologies can lead to a reactive approach without sufficient planning. They still have a long way to go. Having a long-term plan that leverages experts within government and within industry can help to prevent these capability gaps. Our bill provides that roadmap to success."
Nominations November 20, 2013
Tom Udall, D-NM
"This breakdown in Senate norms is profound. There is now a risk that the Senate is creating a new 60-vote confirmation standard. The Constitution plainly requires no more than a majority vote to confirm. Exercising the constitutional option in response to judicial nomination filibusters would restore the Senate to its longstanding norms and practices governing judicial nominations, and guarantee that a minority does not transform the fundamental nature of the Senate’s advice and consent responsibility. This approach, therefore, would be both reactive and restorative."
We Must Tackle The Real Problems We Face November 19, 2013
Paul Tonko, D-NY
"In the past week, we have seen major severe weather events wreak havoc on the Philippines and across 12 States within the Midwest of our country. Even if you choose to ignore fact-based science that really proves climate change to be real and here, we can all agree that our aging infrastructure needs our assistance, it needs to be upgraded, it needs to be improved and replaced, so that we are taking a proactive approach to the soundness of infrastructure, which grows jobs. Instead, we are allowing storms of the century to impact our communities and then have a reactive process that simply isn’t the best way to do business."

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