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regional water system

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Energy And Water Appropriations Bill April 19, 2016
John Thune, R-SD
"This week Congress is taking up the Energy and Water appropriations bill. This legislation funds a number of priorities: rural water projects, critical infrastructure projects, nuclear deterrence efforts, energy research, flood control, and environmental cleanup, to name a few. I am particularly pleased that this bill funds important projects—like the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System—that will help provide communities with access to steady, reliable water sources."
Additional Statements April 29, 2010
Tim Johnson, D-SD
"I have enjoyed my working relationship and friendship with Mayor Munson over many years. I have appreciated his can-do attitude, his vision for the future of Sioux Falls, and his team-oriented approach to resolving issues. Most of all, I have enjoyed collaborating with him on several large-scale projects that will continue to enhance the quality of life in Sioux Falls for decades. For example, the roadway from “Phillips to the Falls” has been completed. Together, we ensured the future of the Orpheum Theater. We have long been partners to bring much needed water to Sioux Falls with the construction of the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System, which will meet the infrastructure needs for increased growth in the Sioux Falls area far into the future."
Aamodt Litigation Settlement Act January 21, 2010
Martin Heinrich, D-NM
"The Aamodt water settlement will enable the Secretary of Interior, through the Bureau of Reclamation, to create a long-awaited regional water system. That system will be jointly operated by Santa Fe County, along with the four northern New Mexico Pueblos, and provide a great deal of certainty to all Rio Grande water users. Sixty percent of its capacity will deliver water to the Pueblos, 40 percent will go to the county water utility."
Earmark Declaration July 24, 2009
Robert Latta, R-OH
"Description of Request: $250,000 for the Northeast Fulton County water system project. Northeast Fulton County is a portion of the County that consists of four Townships (Amboy, Fulton, Pike and Royalton), two Villages (Metamora and Lyons) and the Evergreen Local School District. This project, as proposed, consists of installing water mains and facilities to provide for safe drinking water supply to these areas through a connection into an existing regional water system. The route of this water supply system through the four Townships would provide drinking water to 1100 people within both Villages and an estimated population of 1350 people outside both Villages. The Evergreen Local Schools District is one complex for 1400 high, middle and elementary schools students. I certify that neither I nor my spouse has any financial interest in this project."
Earmark Declaration July 15, 2009
Steve King, R-IA
"Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Lewis and Clark Regional Water System"

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