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reignite the american dream

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Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 April 8, 2014
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"I just want to conclude by saying we need a budget, and all three of the budgets that I just mentioned put Americans back to work. They invest in our future, they protect the safety net, and they work to reignite the American Dream for all. This budget does just the opposite. So I hope that all of us will vote “no” on the Ryan budget."
Congressional Black Caucus October 28, 2013
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"First of all, let me thank you, Congressman Jeffries, for your tremendous leadership, for your vigilance, and for your dedication. Every week, you have brought forth these discussions to really inform and educate the public about the very important work of the Congressional Black Caucus, which, of course, is part of our work to strengthen our Nation with policies and a budget that will reignite the American Dream for all. So I just have to thank you for the time that you have put into this because this is so important, and your voice and leadership is tremendously needed at this moment in our history."
Poverty September 13, 2012
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"We need a balanced approach that ensures that every American pays their fair share and is invested in a united and prosperous future for all Americans of every background. We need a balanced approach that ensures that millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share so that we can reignite the American Dream for all."
Repealing Affordable Care Act July 10, 2012
Paul Tonko, D-NY
"We need, beginning in this House Chamber, to reignite the American Dream, to go back to the core essence of who we are as a people, to reach into that American heart and soul that has forever relied on its passion that we can achieve because we have opportunity, and that we will not deny that opportunity, that we will strengthen the boldness of those dreams and enable us to respond to the needs of the moments and the future and to write our legacy as a generation of Americans."
Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Resolution April 18, 2012
David Cicilline, D-RI
"All of us in Congress need to help reignite the American dream and build ladders of opportunity for anyone willing to work hard, take responsibility, and play by the rules. There were alternative budget proposals presented in the House of Representatives during debate, including options offered by the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Both initiatives were superior to Representative Ryan’s Republican budget document, and included provisions that would preserve the Medicare guarantee, eliminate tax subsidies for big oil companies and loopholes that encourage corporations to ship jobs overseas, and maintain vital investments in education, job creating initiatives, manufacturing, and capital access for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Ultimately, while I support a number of the proposals offered in both the CPC and CBC budget alternatives, I believed the Van Hollen proposal aligned most closely with priorities shared by many Rhode Islanders—including a permanent extension of the 2001 2003 tax cuts for the middle class. In addition, unlike both the CPC and CBC proposal, Representative Van Hollen’s Democratic alternative adhered to the discretionary spending levels set in the Budget Control Act of 2011—an agreement that represented a bipartisan, bicameral compromise. In order to prevent a first ever default on our nation’s obligations, and to avoid the very real potential of an economic catastrophe, I voted in favor of the Budget Control Act on August 8, 2011. To be clear, there was a lot about this compromise legislation that I did not like, but my prerequisite for voting in favor of the bill was that we avoid a default and we protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid beneficiaries, which this bill did. Just as I could not support Representative Ryan’s proposal to walk away from this compromise legislation and make further, dramatic reductions to discretionary spending below the caps set by the Budget Control Act, I also could not support alternatives that did not adhere to the bipartisan, bicameral compromise we agreed to less than one year ago."

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