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The Budget March 26, 2015
Harry Reid, D-NV
"The Republican budget makes clear the priorities of the Republicans. Republicans would get two-thirds of their cuts from low-income Americans, but they would not plug one single loophole for corporations or the rich—and I mean the mega rich—not a penny. They would double down on harmful sequestration, which is when automatic cuts occur across the board. We know how disastrous this has been."
A Budget Is A Values Statement March 26, 2015
Matt Cartwright, D-PA
"This Republican budget was something that I could not support because it will have the effect of cutting over 1 million jobs over the next year. Even worse than that, it will turn Medicare into, effectively, a voucher program. If you are on Medicare and you need treatment and they give you a voucher, you had better hope that that voucher covers the services you need; otherwise, you are out of luck."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget, Fiscal Year 2016 March 26, 2015
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Mr. President, earlier in this week I was encouraged when Republicans voted with Democrats to approve an amendment I introduced with Senator Sanders that would protect Medicaid beneficiaries from benefit cuts under the budget. But when we actually look at the Republican budget on Medicaid, it is impossible to square that budget, which has $1.2 trillion in cuts, with the vote that was held earlier this week to protect Medicaid. And we can’t get those savings without cutting reimbursements for nursing homes and long-term care services. Medicaid pays 40 percent of all nursing home care."
House Budget Proposals March 26, 2015
John Delaney, D-MD
"Unfortunately, none of the budgets brought to a vote on the House floor this week offer an adequate and appropriate response to these problems and priorities. I am strongly opposed to the Republican budget offered by Chairman Price. It fails to prepare our country for the future, hurts the most vulnerable Americans and reflects the wrong priorities, making it harder for many to pursue an education, buy a home or retire with dignity. It hurts seniors, parents and children. On balance, the Democratic alternative budget is a better reflection of our nation’s values."
Medicare Access And Chip Reauthorization Act Of 2015 March 26, 2015
Kevin Brady, R-TX
"In addition, this bill has two important reforms, and I think critical reforms, to strengthen the Medicare Program and offset the costs of this measure. Similar reforms have been included in the House Republican budget for years. This is a bipartisan effort to work together with absolute dedication to make sure Medicare is around for our seniors."

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