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National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2016—Conference Report October 7, 2015
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Mr. President, the bill before us is not fiscally responsible. Our troops deserve real funding, not budget gimmickry. This bill does not do the job. My Republican friends like to talk about the deficit and the debt and the need to get our fiscal house in order, but their actions speak louder than their words. Now they are supporting legislation that increases deficit spending and increases the burden on our children and grandchildren. As a result, this bill violates the budget law."
Providing For Consideration Of Establishing A Select Investigative Panel Of The Committee On Energy And Commerce October 7, 2015
Jan Schakowsky, D-IL
"I want to say to my Republican friends: Be careful what you wish for. The women of America are watching."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 3192, Homebuyers Assistance Act October 7, 2015
Jim McGovern, D-MA
"All we are saying is, again, our priority is the consumers. If that is not the priority of my Republican friends, fine; you can defend the language that you put into this bill. But there is controversy over this, and we ought to be able to debate it. To simply say, you know, “Oh, if we made it in order, it would fail anyway,” is that going to be the new kind of standard for making amendments in order, that we are only going to allow amendments to come to the floor that we absolutely know will pass? Boy, that is a whole new standard that the Rules Committee and the Republican majority are now going to try to enforce."
Homebuyers Assistance Act October 7, 2015
Nancy Pelosi, D-CA
"So with Dodd-Frank, we had something that was really a breakthrough to protect the consumers, that Financial Consumer Protection Agency, and there is something really important, to protect average people, consumers. So when the regulations are released and the private sector said they needed more time, take more time. The administrator of the agency said: Okay, take more time. Then our Republican friends said: Oh, no, let’s bring it to the floor and turn it into a bill to take more time. But then, to put this, like a Trojan horse, this bill comes in here with this underbelly of taking away the right of private action for a consumer."
National Defense Authorization Bill And Benghazi Select Committee October 7, 2015
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as being soft on defense. Based on what we have heard from my friend today, I don’t know where he doesn’t want American troops—China, Iran, Russia, all over the Middle East. It is stunning to listen to what he has said. We have spent a lot of money training foreign troops. I was in Iraq. Who was training the troops then? General Petraeus. I don’t know what my friend wants, but I do tell everyone the gimmick we have in this bill today; that is, having this funny money funding and that is what it is—I can’t imagine my Republican friends who have in the past been so supportive of not doing things that deal with funny money, that their—Senator McCain, the chairman of the committee, has acknowledged that sequestration will destroy the military—that is my word—but will badly damage the military. He has said that many times."

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