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Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act May 4, 2015
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Madam President, every Member of this body wants to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon—everyone—Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. But I have to say, a number of my Republican friends have shown an unusual way of showing this. The chairman and ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee worked to find a middle ground on this bill that satisfies congressional Democrats, Republicans, and the administration. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was a long and difficult process. That bill came out of the committee 19 to 0. But these two good men, the junior Senator from Maryland and the junior Senator from Tennessee, were able to strike a delicate balance that allows Congress to vote on a final Iran agreement. They were able to build a consensus along the way."
Death Tax Repeal Act Of 2015 April 16, 2015
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"Today my Republican friends have discovered that there is $270 billion of revenue that somehow the Federal Government no longer needs. They have decided to give an additional tax cut to people who need the help the least. And, ironically, for all the talk about this being a death tax and double taxation, the vast majority of the wealth that will be untaxed has never been taxed in the first place. You don’t get to be a billionaire on W-2 income. It is appreciated capital. But we are going to, in their judgment, give a windfall."
General Leave April 16, 2015
Richard Neal, D-MA
"Yesterday was the 100th day of the 114th Congress. It is 100 days up, 100 days down, and we are no closer to making tax reform a reality. Our Republican friends have wasted 4 months of valuable time and have nothing to show for it. They have whiffed on the 10 permanent tax extender bills that they have passed this year. Not one of these bills has become law nor will any become law. The President has made that clear, and he has issued a veto threat on every one of these bills."
Human Trafficking Legislation April 16, 2015
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Mr. President, I am not an expert in the field of etymology, which is the study of the origin of words, but I do find the origin of English words to be enlightening. For example, the word “govern” is one we hear often in the Capitol. “Govern” is derived from the Greek word meaning “to steer or pilot a ship.” The most important question for a party in power is simply this: Can you govern? I say this to my Republican friends. In other words, can you steer the ship? Can you pilot this great Nation of ours in the right direction?"
Internal Revenue Service April 15, 2015
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"My Republican friends have decided to take out their differences with the IRS by deliberately torturing the American taxpayer. Ours is the largest tax system in the world that relies primarily on voluntary compliance. Most Americans, in fact, do comply, but an ever-increasingly complex tax system makes that compliance difficult."

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