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Recognizing Deborah Hersman For Her Service As Chairman Of The National Transportation Safety Board May 6, 2014
Gerald Connolly, D-VA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the distinguished tenure of Deborah Hersman, who is leaving as Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board after serving 10 years on the Board and five years as chairman."
In Recognition Of The Santa Barbara Summit For Tibet April 10, 2013
Lois Capps, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, today I rise to recognize the distinguished efforts of the Santa Barbara Summit for Tibet (SBST) in raising awareness about the vibrant culture, deep spirituality, and peaceful philosophy of the Tibetan people. SBST has worked diligently to ensure the Santa Barbara community is engaged on this issue of great importance. Recent acts of protest in Tibet have served as a disturbing reminder of the suffering that Tibetans continue to endure. We are witnessing the profound struggle of a people that seek to preserve their traditions and religion. SBST recently held the First Annual “Tibet Week Awareness Celebration” to honor the perseverance and resiliency of the Tibetan people and their culture, and to demonstrate our shared cultural values. This celebration will raise awareness in our community surrounding the struggle faced by Tibetans and promote the universal values of compassion and non-violent practices. To express my commitment to this issue, I recently joined many of my colleagues in the House of Representatives in sending President Obama a letter, urging him to prioritize addressing human rights issues in Tibet during his second term. Like SBST and the residents of Santa Barbara, I believe the U.S. should take a leading role to engage partner nations on measures to bring improvements in the human rights situation in Tibet. Today, we stand with the people of Tibet and express our solidarity with them and to all people suffering oppression around the world. As your Representative in Congress, I commend and thank you for your deep commitment to this issue."
Honoring Congressman Leonard Boswell December 13, 2012
Sam Graves, R-MO
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the distinguished service of my neighbor to the north, Congressman Leonard Boswell. And as was just pointed out, he was born in Missouri’s Sixth Congressional District, which is the district I represent, in Harrison County. I think that’s a fact that has probably dogged him throughout his career in Iowa politics, but we’re very happy to have him actually born there."
In Recognition Of The Outstanding Public Service Of Six Retiring Officials Within Usda’S Office Of Rural Development November 29, 2011
Mark Critz, D-PA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the distinguished public service careers of six retiring officers within the Department of Agriculture’s Office of Rural Development, RD. These individuals have worked diligently and effectively over many years to promote economic prosperity and safe living in the various rural communities throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Lambert Rosenbaum, Virginia Stump, Cindy Brandt, Barbara McMillen, Susan O’Donnell, and Mary Ellen Polosky have made clear through the quality of their work at RD that they see a place for rural areas in America’s future. These individuals will leave a lasting legacy; their belief in the promise of rural America will surely live on in those who have had the privilege to work with them and manifest itself in all that RD does for the individuals, communities, and businesses of southwestern Pennsylvania for years to come."
Honoring Congressman Parker Griffith For His Service To North Alabama December 9, 2010
Jo Bonner, R-AL
"Madam Speaker, I rise to recognize the distinguished service of my colleague and friend, Congressman Parker Griffith, who has tirelessly represented the people of Alabama’s Tennessee Valley region during the 111th Congress."

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