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Honoring The Awardees Of The Literacy Council Of Northern Virginia Recognition Celebration June 24, 2016
Gerald Connolly, D-VA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia (LCNV) and to congratulate the volunteers, instructors, students, community partners, and others who will be recognized at the 2016 LCNV Recognition Celebration. The mission of LCNV is to teach adults the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English in order to empower them to participate more fully and confidently in their communities. LCNV serves low-literacy and limited English language proficient adults with a selection of low-cost, moderately intensive courses to help them transition into the workforce or other educational opportunities. LCNV provides the crucial first steps of language and literacy learning for workplace, citizenship, and community integration to help adults make measurable improvements in their lives. Each year LCNV gathers at its Annandale headquarters to recognize students and members of the community who have achieved exceptional milestones. I am proud to submit the following LCNV honorees: Community Partnership Awards: Catalogue for Philanthropy, John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation, Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services Outstanding Student Achievement: Sofia Abdulkadir, Medina Ahmed, Nolberto Ballestero, Melida Nohemy Banegas, John Banks, Insaf Bekkaoui, David Beltz, Mustapha Boujadi, Evelin Campos, Hai-ping Chu, Albert Costanzo, Dukjun Ha, Jihyun Han, Su Chu Ho, Bai Hui Lin, Julio Marquez, Nargis Monny, Armida Montoya, Heydy Nunez, Mulki Omar, Toyin Owolabi, Shahnaz Parvin, Nisa Rasheed, Roqiya Rasooli, Rosa Recinos, Nelly Rojas, Miriam Rosas, Karla Ruiz, Saraya Saadat, Marliya Sabur, Alejandrina Tejada-Gutierrez, Ligia Varela, Natividad Vicante Romero, Eddie Williams, Tidar Zirari, Maria Alvarado, Ana Argueta, Rosa Argueta, Sanam Azhar, Siedi Brhan, Lizbeth Caro, Lenin Foresca, Kit Ho, Leanne Lee, Maria Lujan, Juana Mata, Shaheen Mohammed, Tatiana Parras, Liliana Reyes, Huy To, Phuong Vuu Outstanding Instructor Achievement: Susan Akroyd, Karen Al-Kinani, Barbara Callen, Kathryn Contreras, Deborah Dakin, Diane DePallo, Pam DiRamio, Ruth Drees, Nancy Flores, Doris Garlock, Mimi Gronlund, Nastasya Kovalev, Beth Kramer, Janet Mackey, Rebecca McCary, Gordon McFarland, Norman Mesewicz, Betty Murphy, Michele Norris, Soo Park, Alexandra Roncal, Dennis Shannon, Mirna Solis, Stephanie Starrett, Pam Taylor, Michael Wesbecher, Susan Whitney, Loren Zander, Jody Sweet Volunteers of the Year: Anne Jillson, Rosemary Hofford, Doris Garlock, Nina Azuola, Claire Brown, William Knowlton, Patricia Matheson, Pat May, Karen Singer Americorps Recognition: Alexander Abdelwahed, Kathryn Contreras, Verro Ejiba, Rachel Lipscomb, Felisa Macaspac, Soo Park, Loren Zander In addition, the following LCNV volunteers are being recognized on their service anniversaries: 30 Years: Marykate Dougherty 20 Years: Susan Clayman, Anne Jillson, Nancy Treer 15 Years: Jan Auerbach, Michael Coogan, RoseMary Hayden, Ann Kurzius 10 Years: Claire Brown, Deborah Droller, Patricia Grajewski, Brendan Grajewski, Ryan Grajewski, Stephen Isaacson, Richard Morton, Debbie Pearce 5 Years: Karen Al-Kinani, Cynthia Baskin, Connie Bernhardt, Katherine Beyer, Maria Bolin, Alicia Brooks, Rhonda Buckner, Deborah Dakin, Molly Dias, Judy Fisher, Barbara Glotfelty, Lisbeth Goldberg, Terry Herrmann, Amy Jackson, Marshall Katz, Kim Kelley, Beth Kramer, Janet Mackey, Raymond Maier, John McElfresh, Christie Phillips, Alexandra Roncal, Sandy Tiemann, Janna Unterzuber, Stephen Weber, Susan Whitney Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in congratulating each of the honorees of the 2016 LCNV Recognition Celebration and in thanking them for their contributions to our community."
In Memory Of Apostle William T. Broadous May 19, 2016
Tony Cardenas, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, it is with profound sadness that I rise to honor the life of a much loved community and spiritual leader, Apostle William T. Broadous, who passed away on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, at the age of 71. Apostle William T. Broadous was born on December 1, 1944 in Portland, Oregon to Dr. Hillery T. and Rosa L. Broadous, who founded Calvary Baptist Church in Pacoima in 1955. Apostle Broadous overcame challenges throughout his life, defying the odds, going on to found schools, lead missionary trips to Africa, and be a voice for the community. Apostle Broadous continued the strong family tradition of social justice, service and commitment to Pacoima and the San Fernando Valley. He was a strong supporter of community empowerment programs such as the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the NAACP and the Boys and Girls Club, as well as the Alicia Broadous-Duncan Senior Center in Pacoima."
Honoring 33 Palm Beach County High School Seniors April 27, 2016
Ted Deutch, D-FL
"Congratulations to Roberto Montoya Bravo, Franchesco Garcia, Stephen Gordon, Alex-Lamar Stone, Niko Notare, Cristian Mccusker, David Coleman, Manolo Vallejo, Jonathan Burrage, Garianne Baucicaut, Jessica Hole, Susana Hoyos Cuervo, Isaiah Ortiz, Carlos Avila, Rafael Mitre, Uriel Najera Merino, Harrison Magyarosi, Enrique Cadiz, Kaiden Parker Bolley, Daniel Machado, Jordan Norwood, Neslendy Delice, Joshua White, Michael Rosa, Marek Gawel, Joshua Richardson, Nicholas Cutter, Lamar Butler Jr, Robert Del Carpio, Logan Peluso, Christopher Coronel, Sabrina Kutenits, and Camilo Rosado. I am pleased to honor them and I thank them for their future service."
In Honor Of The Recipients Of Loudoun County Sheriff’S Office Commendation Award April 27, 2016
Barbara Comstock, R-VA
"The Commendation Award is presented by the Sheriff to individuals for acts that contribute to the accomplishment of the Sheriff’s objectives or for an act that warrants special recognition in the public interest. I would like to recognize the following recipients: Deputy First Class Robert Heller, Sergeant Jay Conner, Deputy Ruben Cardenas, Deputy Jesus Diaz, Deputy Jillian Brock, Virginia State Troopers Rolando Curiel and Enzo A. Diaz, Deputy First Class Dawn Taylor, Detective Michael Hall, Sergeant Jeffrey Lockhart, Sergeant Michael Beatty, Detective Larry “Rob” Reed, Detective Jeffrey “Tyler” Brown, Deputy First Class Victor Lopreto, Mrs. Jacqueline Gallman, Detective Dana Cresswell, Detective Elissa Wilk, Detective Patrick Beaver, Detective Jeffrey Cichocki, Detective Justin Oksanen, Detective Corinne Czekaj, Sergeant Sara Tresselt (Posthumous), Sergeant Kevin Tucker, Detective Paul Loconti, Detective Christopher Staub, Detective Jenna Sullivan, Detective Timothy Lambert, Detective Christopher Salter, Detective Thomas Mengel, Detective Duane Rosa, Deputy First Class William Sullivan, Lieutenant Jamie Sanford (Leesburg Police Department), Sergeant Douglas Duhl, Deputy First Class Matthew Vess, Deputy First Class Kristopher Dawson, Deputy Joshua Carter, Detective Ron Colantonio, Deputy Sean McCormack, Deputy Eric Turner, and Assistant Commonwealth Attorney’s Amy McMullen and Eric Pohlner and members of the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force."
Recognizing 2016 National Women’S History Month Honoree Sister Mary Madonna Ashton, Csj April 26, 2016
Betty McCollum, D-MN
"As a National Women’s History Month Honoree, Sister Mary Madonna stands as one of 16 notable women who exemplify the National Women’s History Project’s 2016 theme of “Working to Form a More Perfect Union: Honoring Women in Public Service and Government.” Sister Mary Madonna and these other honorees join the company of such female trailblazers as Rosa Parks, Abigail Adams, Eleanor Roosevelt and Billie Jean King."

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