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California Drought June 24, 2015
John Garamendi, D-CA
"The governor’s water plan for California is to take water out of the Sacramento River just south of Sacramento and put it into two tunnels each 40 miles long, 40 feet in diameter and with a potential capacity of moving 15,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). While the current proposal is set up to move 9000 cfs, the twin tunnels have a much larger capacity therefore setting the system up for future expansion. Pumping would also continue directly from the southern Delta at the Tracy pumps. The system will be able to deliver up to 5.3 million acre feet of water to the pumps in Tracy and then on to the San Joaquin Valley farmers and Los Angeles."
In Recognition Of Mr. Nick Manganaro On His 90Th Birthday June 24, 2015
Lou Barletta, R-PA
"Mr. Speaker, it is my honor to recognize Mr. Nick Manganaro as he celebrates his 90th birthday. Nick began working at Medico Industries at the young age of 13, and he has continually served my local community in his duties at the company’s Hanover Township facility. The son of Italian immigrants, Nick graduated from Pittston High School in 1943. He proudly went on to serve in the Navy during WWII and was stationed in Panama until 1946. Upon returning to Pittston, Nick immediately resumed his work at Medico Electric Motor Company. To this day, Nick is still employed by Medico Industries, where he has worked for 77 years. His work ethic is unparalleled. A wearer of many hats, Nick has worked on the rigging crew, operated cranes, drove tractor trailers, and maneuvered all of the construction equipment. Within the company, Nick is considered to be a father figure to many employees, always willing to provide support and guidance to those in need. He is admired by his coworkers and customers for his bright attitude, modest demeanor, and dedication to the company. Though he cannot perform all the job functions he once could, Nick continues to work seven days per week—a habit that is indicative of his tireless, hard-working character. He still lives at the Manganaro family homestead, where he resides next door to his sister, Maria Capolarella Montante. The two have one living brother, Joe Manganaro. Outside of work, Nick is a member of St. Rocco’s Parish in Pittston, and is a life-long member of the San Cataldo Society in Pittston, a social organization that is united in celebrating its member’s Italian heritage, familial values, and religious principles. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to recognize Mr. Nick Manganaro on this important milestone, and I admire his diligent work ethic and sense of commitment. I thank Nick for his service to our country and community, and I hope that he will celebrate this year in the company of his family and friends."
Export-Import Bank Reauthorization June 24, 2015
Jim Costa, D-CA
"If you want to build it in America, you have got to ensure that American workers and businesses can compete. The Ex-Im Bank represents a vital pillar, therefore, in our ability to be competitive overseas, and it has had significant impacts in the San Joaquin Valley that I represent."
Tribute To Federal Employees June 24, 2015
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"Originally from Cape Canaveral, FL, Petty Officer Greenwell, pictured here to my left, has served our country for over 7 years at three different Coast Guard units and stations. She first spent 3 years on the high endurance cutter Hamilton and home ported in San Diego, CA."
Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act June 24, 2015
Al Franken, D-MN
"Casey has served in my office since I joined the Senate in July of 2009. She is leaving Washington next week and is heading to San Francisco, where her husband will be starting an amazing new job. Jamo has a great job, and he has been so supportive of you, Casey, and also of Casey’s parents. You will now be much closer to them."

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