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Honoring Kyle Matthew Ota, Eagle Scout, Boy Scout Troop 611, San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin July 29, 2014
Zoe Lofgren, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to congratulate Kyle Matthew Ota, a member of Boy Scout Troop 611 at the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin and one of my constituents, on achieving of the rank of Eagle Scout in April of 2014. Kyle, the son of Pat and Dorothy Ota, began his scouting career as a member of Cub Scout Pack 611 at the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin, where he earned the Metta and Sangha awards, as well as the Arrow of Light. Rising through the ranks, Kyle served as patrol leader, troop quartermaster, dharma scribe, troop scribe, senior patrol leader, and den chief. Kyle’s Eagle Scout project reflects his longstanding commitment to the people of San Jose, and the residents of Japantown in particular. Yu-Ai Kai, a stellar community-based organization that promotes healthy aging, independent living, and high quality of life, provides multi-lingual community services, social interaction, and a sense of belonging to our elderly citizens. Seniors and their families frequently pass in front of Yu-Ai Kai’s Akiyama Senior Wellness Center on Jackson Street while traversing beautiful Japantown, so Kyle constructed an outdoor bulletin board in front of the building. This board displays flyers, schedules, and other information that allows seniors to better understand and utilize the Akiyama’s many life-improving offerings. Kyle was a scholar-athlete at St. Francis High School in Mountain View, where he participated in varsity track and intramurals, earned entry into the honor roll and National Honor Society, and was awarded tuition assistance by the California Scholarship Federation. Kyle now attends San Diego State University, where the dedication to community service instilled in him by scouting continues to make his parents—and all of us in California’s 19th District—very proud. "
21St Century Endangered Species Transparency Act July 29, 2014
Jim Costa, D-CA
"Unfortunately, its implementation has had a profound impact on many human activities in many areas of the country, including my own district in the San Joaquin Valley of California. This year, people that I represent will be standing in food lines due in part to the way the ESA is being implemented in the San Joaquin Valley as it relates to water."
Honoring Celeste Weingardt July 29, 2014
Julia Brownley, D-CA
"In addition, Celeste currently sits on the organizing committee of the Women’s Political Council of Ventura County and serves on the board of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties, which actively works to protect family planning and reproductive rights."
Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions July 29, 2014
Dean Heller, R-NV
"Congress has authorized the collection of millions of law-abiding citizens’ telephone metadata for years and it has only solved two ongoing FBI investigations. Of those two investigations, the NSA has publicly identified one. In fact, that case could have easily been handled by obtaining a warrant and going to the telephone company. It is the case of an individual in San Diego who was convicted of sending $8,500 to Somalia in support of al-Shabaab, the terrorist organization claiming responsibility for the Kenyan mall attack. The American phone records allowed the NSA to determine that a U.S. phone was used to contact an individual associated with this terrorist organization. I am appreciative that the NSA was able to apprehend this individual, but it does not provide overwhelming evidence that this program is necessary. The Obama administration has come to the same conclusion and so has the intelligence community."
Detention Of Daniel Chong July 29, 2014
Charles Grassley, R-IA
"Mr. President, today I come to the floor to speak about the unconscionable way in which the Drug Enforcement Administration treated Daniel Chong, a San Diego college student, back in 2012. Unfortunately, the American people still do not know all the facts. They do not know what lasting changes are being made to make sure something like this never happens again. And they do not know what is being done to hold the DEA agents involved accountable because if people are not held accountable, there are not going to be any changes made. Most of the time, for people to be held accountable, heads have to roll, and there is no evidence that is the case in this particular case. But here is what we do know. It is a story that you might expect to hear set in some Third World country but never in the United States of America. So here it is."

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