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Entry Title Date
In Honor Of Chief Warrant Officer Two Nicole Sproesser May 13, 2016
Donald Norcross, D-NJ
"While in the National Guard, Chief Sproesser served in numerous major homeland security operations, including Hurricane Sandy, as a Battle Captain, and Hurricane Irene, as an Officer in Charge. She has displayed both tactical and technical leadership abilities numerous times and has been inducted into the International Society of Logistics in 2015."
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016 May 10, 2016
John Cornyn, R-TX
"Thanks to great innovative programs like that in Bexar County, San Antonio, TX, and as a result of what Sheriff Pamerleau and others have done, we began to address the problem at its root and are making sure that people who need help are not just warehoused in jail but are actually diverted to a treatment facility. I have introduced legislation which I think might help the situation, and that is called the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act. The fact is, Adam Lanza’s mother—Adam Lanza was the shooter at Sandy Hook who stole his mother’s gun, killed his own mother, and then went on to murder those poor, innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary School—basically had two choices: One is she could seek an involuntary, temporary commitment to a mental institution, after which he gets out, he is angry at her, their relationship deteriorates even more, and she has nowhere else to turn or we could have a mechanism where she could go to a civil court and ask a judge to enter a court order requiring her son to undergo outpatient treatment, to make sure he saw a psychologist or mental health professional and was actually compliant with the doctor’s orders in terms of taking his medication."
Unauthorized Spending Accountability Act April 27, 2016
Ted Yoho, R-FL
"The interpretation we got: “and seasonably wet areas.” I come from Florida. It is seasonably wet all year long. I mean, we get 57 to 60 inches of rain a year, so everything is seasonably wet in our great State, and they fall into that. The little puddle in my yard, when it rains, it might stand 3 or 4 inches. We are on a sandy soil. When it stops raining, it goes away in 5 minutes, but that could be interpreted as navigable waters, and I am probably 10 miles from a body of water. It is just amazing."
Honoring Jim Braden April 27, 2016
Alex Mooney, R-WV
"Jim Braden’s roots in Jackson County, West Virginia, baseball began with his father, Ed Braden. Ed Braden was a member of the Sandy Valley baseball club in the 1940s, which received numerous county pennants that earned them the right to play in the Little World Series."
Promoting Resilience And Efficiency In Preparing For Attacks And Responding To Emergencies Act April 26, 2016
Christopher Smith, R-NJ
"Nearly three and a half years have passed since Superstorm Sandy devastated New Jersey, New York, and other parts of the Northeast, yet thousands of victims are still fighting for fair and equitable treatment from the NFIP. Following Sandy, these homeowners were further victimized by the unconscionable misconduct of certain insurance companies and engineering firms who defrauded them, all of which was enabled by FEMA’s inadequate control and oversight."

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