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Debt Management And Fiscal Responsibility Act Of 2015 February 11, 2016
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"Now, I have been in office a long time. It is easy and takes no courage to cut taxes, no courage whatsoever. What takes courage is buying things—and if people want them—saying, we need to pay for them. We need to pay for them so our children don’t pay for them, so our grandchildren don’t pay for them because, guess what, they are going to have their challenges in their time, national security challenges, natural disasters like Katrina or Sandy challenges, Ebola, AIDS, health crises. They are going to have to have resources, and we are spending them."
Trade Facilitation And Trade Enforcement Act Of 2015—Conference Report February 11, 2016
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"I also would like to thank Senator McConnell and his staff: Sharon Soderstrom, Brendan Dunn, Terry Van Doren, and Hazen Marshall, who provided us with support and leadership throughout this process. Finally, let me thank my House colleagues, Speaker Ryan, Chairman Brady, and their staffs Austin Smythe, Joyce Meyer, Angela Ellard, Geoff Antell, Steve Claeys, Nasim Fussell, and Casey Higgins. On the Democratic staff, I would like to acknowledge the hard work and contributions of Ranking Member Sandy Levin and his staff, Jason Kearns, Beth Baltzan, Katherine Tai, and Keigan Mull."
2015 Person Of The Year: Lisa Kruse February 8, 2016
Rick Nolan, D-MN
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Lisa Kruse of McGregor, Minnesota for being named 2015 Person of the Year by the Aitkin Age for her outstanding service to her community. As Director of Community Education Lisa works tirelessly to promote wellness to all people in her community. She has brought activities to McGregor for all ages, from indoor recess equipment, to an ice rink at the High School, and to fitness classes for seniors. The programs Lisa helps bring to her community go beyond physical health. Recently she attended training to educate others in her community on the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences. She obtained grants to make McGregor schools a Reading Corps site where additional reading help is available for struggling students to promote literacy to early readers in kindergarten through third grade. Her assistance to McGregor’s Early Childhood program helped it earn Parent Aware’s highest rating of four stars. In addition to all she does to promote education and wellness Lisa was instrumental in bringing the Governor’s fishing opener to Aitkin County for the first time ever. After four years of hard work by Lisa the 2016 Governor’s Fishing Opener will be held at Big Sandy Lake nearby her hometown. She is a great example of what it means to be an active citizen. Once again I would like to thank Lisa Kruse for all she does for her hometown of McGregor, Minnesota."
The President’S State Of The Union Address January 12, 2016
John Cornyn, R-TX
"We also know that some people tragically become a danger not only to themselves but to their loved ones and the communities where they live. I know it is a simple fact borne out by public opinion polls that most people understand that some of the acts—not all but some of the acts—in fact, public opinion in the polling I have seen said that 70 percent of respondents in public opinion polls said that mental illness is a factor in incidents of mass violence, including shootings in places such as Sandy Hook; Aurora, CO; Charleston; and others. We can name those incidents and those tragic circumstances, but until we get serious about working together to try to improve access to mental health services and give families the additional tools they need in order to get their loved ones compliant with their doctor’s orders and their medication, we are never going to be able to make progress in this area."
The Wasps Are Being Denied Burial At Arlington Cemetery January 11, 2016
Ted Poe, R-TX
"Mr. Speaker, the great World War II was at its peak. So, on September 11, 1943, 28-year-old Sandy Thompson left her teaching job and volunteered for the Women Airforce Service Pilots, better known as the WASP. As a pilot, she towed targets for live antiaircraft practice, helped deliver planes to overseas bases, and tested new aircraft."

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