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Entry Title Date
Honoring Jacqueline Lise Arlette Scotti February 1, 2013
Janice Hahn, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor the memory of Jacqueline Scotti who quietly passed away on January 20, 2013 in her beloved San Pedro. Jacqueline grew up during challenging times in Europe. She was born on June 1, 1930 in Chalons-Sur-Marne, Paris, France. After World War II, she met her husband, a proud American soldier by the name of Sgt. Major Louis Mario Scotti. She arrived in the United States and created a loving home and life for her family. In 1958, she proudly became a citizen of this great Nation."
In Honor And Remembrance Of Leo A Diegidio December 19, 2009
Dennis Kucinich, D-OH
"Mr. DiEgidio’s life was centered on family, faith, hard work and his love of song. For more than forty years, he lifted the spirits of people of all ages with his beautiful singing voice. Mr. DiEgidio volunteered his time and talents by visiting nursing homes and singing for residents and staff. During many of these visits, he sang with another local celebrity singer, Rocco Scotti. Mr. DiEgidio directed the choir at Gunning Park Golden Age Center in Cleveland, and was a founding member of the Choir at Holy Name Church, where he sang for nearly eighty years. Mr. DiEgidio often sang duets with the late Father John Dalton, whose favorite was “Danny boy.” Mr. DiEgidio was also known for his powerful versions of “The Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America.”"
Tribute To Riverside Urban Search And Rescue Team November 2, 2001
Ken Calvert, R-CA
"Therefore, it is with great pride that I submit the following names of volunteers from the Riverside Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 6 Team: Division Chief Dave Austin, Riverside Fire Department (RFD); Engineer James Avina, Norco; Eng. Fred Bayer, RFD; Captain Steven Beach, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF); Capt. Gary Beese, RFD; Eng. Walt Bleszczad, RFD; Eng. Greg Bluma, RFD; Capt. Steve Brooker, CDF; Firefighter/Paramedic Tim Buckley, CDF; FF Anthony Burciago, RFD; Eng. Raymond Center, Corona; FF/Paramedic Darryl Cleveland, Corona; Eng. Roland Cook, PSPFD; FF/Paramedic B. Scott Dall, Norco; Capt. Frank deBoer, Norco; Capt. Richard F. Egerman, CDF; Battalion Chief Mike Esparza, RFD; Eng. Greg Feinberg, RFD; Eng. Todd Fetters, Hemet; Shana Gattas, OES; Capt. Mark Gilman, Norco; Eng. Todd Gooch, RFD; David Graves, REC; FF/Paramedic Peter Habib, RFD; Div. Chief George Hall (Retired); Paul S. Haynie, AMR; Eng. LaWayne Hearn, RFD; FF Wayne Hess, RFD; Eng. Tim Heying, RFD; Capt. Clarence Homer, CDF; FF Scott Huchting, RFD; FF Scott Hudson, Hemet; Bill Hughes, BECHTER; Capt. Dirk Jensen, RFD; Capt. Steven Jeremiah, RFD; Eng. Jorge Juarez, CDF; Capt. Mike Koury, RFD; Capt. Gary Lane, Hemet; FF Andy Lanyi, RFD; Capt. Don Lee, RFD; Capt. Dave Lesh, RFD; Eng. Robert Linden, RFD; John Linstrom, FRWORD; Eng. Charles Luna, RFD; Capt. Randy Malacarne, RFD; Joe Manzo; Dr. Landy Mazur; Eng. Dave McClellan, RFD; Sheila McKee, OES; FF/Paramedic Steven McKinster, RFD; Eng. Lauren S. Miller, Corona; Eng. Tim Rise, RFD; Capt. Jerry Rodman, CDF; Dr. Peter Sanders; Karl Sauer; FF Steven Scotti, RFD; Batt. Chief James Snodgrass, Hemet; Eng. Charles Tasker, CDF; Eng. John Thomas, Murrieta; and, Scott Underwood."
Rocco Scotti—A Great American July 26, 2000
Michael DeWine, R-OH
"Mr. President, I rise to recognize tonight Rocco Scotti, a talented and patriotic singer from my home State of Ohio, who is a fixture in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, northeast Ohio, a fixture at Cleveland Indians baseball games and just about any public event in our community that matters."
Humanitarian Work’S Heavy Toll November 19, 1999
Tony Hall, D-OH
"Together with Mickey, we remember Roberto Bazzoni, Paola Biocca, Andrea Curry, Velmore Davoli, Nicolas Ian Phillip Evens, Abdulla Faisal, Marco Gavino, Kevin Lay, Raffaella Liuzzi, Miguel Martinez-Vasquez, Jose Maria Martinez, Alam Mirshahidul, J. Perez Fortes, Richard Walker Powell, Daniel Rowan, Thabit Samer, Paola Sarro, Laura Scotti, Antonio Sircana, Carlo Zechhi, Julia Ziegler, Andrea Maccaferro, Antonio Canzolino, and Katia Piazza."

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