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Honoring Members Of The Winters Middle School Band And Choir April 14, 2016
John Garamendi, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, we rise to recognize and honor the members of the Winters Middle School Band and Choir for their contribution to the designation ceremony of the Berryessa Snow Mountain Monument by President Barack Obama on July 10, 2015. This outstanding accomplishment was made possible by the tireless work of countless advocates. Their commitment to engaging friends, colleagues, local residents, businesses, stakeholders across the country, and policymakers in a coordinated effort to achieve permanent protection was critical to the establishment of the Monument. Now, the Berryessa Snow Mountain Monument may be counted among the hundreds of pristine parks across the country that represent America’s most treasured public resources. The region’s unique geological formations will play host for the world’s scientists for years to come. Centuries-old archeological sites will draw curious historians and researchers as they piece together the stories of generations past. And avid bikers, hikers, campers, horsemen and women and sportsmen and women will be able to enjoy this landmark that is now forever open and accessible to outdoor enthusiasts from Northern California and beyond. The Berryessa Snow Mountain Monument serves as proof of the value of the Antiquities Act and the power of the Executive to protect these lands in the face of inaction by Congress. After extensive input from interested parties and substantial evidence of this region’s value, the Obama Administration honored the support of stakeholders, and the gravity of conservation. The legacy of public lands is one of the most important we can leave for future generations. The Berryessa Snow Mountain Monument is a critical piece of a preservation system that stretches from the Hawaiian Islands to the Maine Coast. We’d like to recognize the students of the Winters Middle School Band and—Jose Montes, Silverio Magallones, David Rivas, Katie Johnson, Melina Mora, Jasmine Moore, Kamila Mora, Melesio Perez, Arthur Cueva, Rylie Schroeder, Easton Rivera, Paige Davis, Karina Echeverria, Joseph Aguiar, Emmett Edman, Braydon Winslow, Erika Contreas, Josef Iten, Victoria Banuelos, Fatima Guzman, Jacqueline Mendoza, Veronica Soria, Jason Lichwa, Alejandra, Junez, Emily Aguiar, Maximiliano Reyes Barajas, Haley Compton, David Morris, Elle Palmer, Garrett Matheson, Kevin Garcia, Christian Sponsler, Alan Chavez, Molly Moore, Donovan Melendez, Lauren Gomez, Katie Medina, Mallory Layne, Ethan Berg, Emily Hoag, Valeria Ceja, Trinity Sponsler, Juan Blanoc, Ulises De La Cruz, Rose Kakutani, Stephanie Angel Lopez, Alex Herrera, Celeste Garcia, Victor Meledez, Lorenzo Arce, Jose Figueroa, Marcos del Toro, Lillian Wirth, Katie Pelletier, Kaylee Smith, Sierra Berry and Haley Archibeque—for their role in the Winters Middle School Band and Choir and their outstanding performance at the designation ceremony."
In Recognition Of Pedro Gonzalez December 3, 2013
Jackie Speier, D-CA
"Pedro has been married to his wife Eldie for 55 years. They raised their three children, Prudencia, Silverio and Sara, in South San Francisco."
Bidding Farewell To Two Members Of The Las Vegas Mighty Five February 5, 2013
Joe Heck, R-NV
"Mr. Speaker, I come to the floor today to bid a solemn and respectful farewell to Mr. Romeo Barreras and Mr. Silverio Cuaresma. Messrs. Barreras and Cuaresma were residents of southern Nevada and members of the Las Vegas Mighty Five, a group of Filipino American World War II veterans denied benefits and recognition for their service to the United States."
Honoring Silverio Cuaresma, Sr. January 24, 2013
Dean Heller, R-NV
"Mr. President, today I wish to honor the life 2LT Silverio Cuaresma, Sr., whose passing on January 20, 2013, has brought great sadness to the Silver State. As a member of the World War II Mighty Five Nevadans and the State’s oldest unrecognized Filipino-American World War II veteran, Mr. Cuaresma dedicated his life to honoring Filipino veterans for their sacrifices. I am grateful for his service to our country and advocacy on behalf of our heroes. While in the Senate, I will continue fighting to guarantee that all veterans and their families are properly thanked for their sacrifices."
Women’S Tennis 2007 Champions May 25, 2007
Saxby Chambliss, R-GA
"I congratulate team members Amanda Craddock, Kristen Fowler, Whitney McCray, Amanda McDowell, Kirsti Miller, Tarryn Rudman, Alison Silverio, and Christy Striplin for their hard work and achievement. Additionally, I congratulate Alison Silverio on being named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. I further extend my thanks to the players’ families and fans for continually supporting these outstanding young women throughout a long but exciting tennis season. The team’s success, undoubtedly, would not have been possible without the leadership of head coach Bryan Shelton, assistant coach Mariel Verban, and volunteer assistant coach Robin Stephenson."

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