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Hire More Heroes Act Of 2015—Motion To Proceed July 23, 2015
Daniel Coats, R-IN
"I get exercised about this, and it is why I came back. It is one of the two main reasons I decided to run for the Senate again. I was worried about terrorist attacks and the nightmare of a marriage between weapons of mass destruction and terrorist groups impacting our country and the world. But while we seem to be struggling to address the terror issue and having some success—at least we are aware of it on a daily basis—we are letting this fiscal crisis go by without even talking about it. I think everybody is exhausted. We have had exhausting exchanges. We have had bipartisan Democrats and Republicans working together and pleading with the President and the White House, starting with Simpson-Bowles, which was a bipartisan effort. The Gang of 6, the Committee of 12, the supercommittee were all bipartisan efforts."
Protecting Seniors’ Access To Medicare Act Of 2015 June 18, 2015
Jim McDermott, D-WA
"Now, when we had Simpson-Bowles—and I know the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee thought the Simpson-Bowles idea was a good idea—what happened after it was brought out in public? Nothing. We ignored it."
Wasteful Spending February 25, 2015
Daniel Coats, R-IN
"That led to a pretty intense effort on the part of both parties and on the part of many organizations. I can remember Simpson-Bowles—a former Chief of Staff of President Bill Clinton along with a former distinguished Senator from Wyoming, a Republican and a Democrat together—Simpson-Bowles. The public was getting behind this—a $4 trillion, over 10 year fix to the problem. It was pretty dramatic, yet there was a lot of momentum for it. That was shot down, unfortunately, by the President when it was presented."
Fighting Hunger Incentive Act Of 2015 February 12, 2015
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"I don’t know about you, but I am for Simpson-Bowles. The problem with Simpson-Bowles for some people is it paid for what it did, just like the Camp bill. The Camp bill made tough choices, and it was a zero-sum game in the sense that it cut taxes and it paid for them—a zero-sum game—just like you had to run your business because, if you didn’t run your business that way, you would have gone bankrupt."
Introduction Of The Update, Promote And Develop America’S Transportation Essentials Act Of 2015, And The Road Usage Charge Pilot Program Act Of 2015 February 3, 2015
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"The case for increasing our investment in infrastructure is clear. A recent S&P Ratings report suggests that every $1.3 billion invested in infrastructure would add 29,000 jobs, $2 billion in economic growth, and cut the deficit by $200 million. Two congressionally authorized commissions, the Simpson Bowles deficit reduction plan, and organizations representing business, labor, environmentalists, car advocates and cyclists, all agree on the solution to solve the Highway Trust Fund crisis and increase transportation investment: raise the federal gas tax."

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