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since jesus christ was born

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Remembering Senator Robert C. Byrd June 29, 2010
Bill Nelson, D-FL
"Later on, as we were debating that budget, the great orator from West Virginia took the floor and began talking about a tax cut the Senate was considering; a tax cut he voted against, and so did this Senator from Florida. The Senator from West Virginia talked about this tax cut that was going to be a staggering $1.6 trillion. This is what the great senior Senator from West Virginia said. “That is $1,600 for every minute since Jesus Christ was born,” Senator Byrd declared. He went on to say, “If we go for this big tax cut … that money … is gone.”"
Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act Of 2009—Motion To Proceed November 21, 2009
David Vitter, R-LA
"In fact, we should be looking at the first 10 years of full implementation; in other words, the first 10 years when not only all the tax provisions are kicked in but everything on the benefits spending side is kicked in. That is basically from 2014 to 2024. What are the numbers there when you look at the real first 10 years, the first 10 years of full implementation? The real numbers are not $848 billion—as big a figure as that is, spending $1 million a day since Jesus Christ was born and you still would not be up to it—but there the analysis is $2.5 trillion over 10 years."
Department Of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2010—Conference Report October 20, 2009
Robert Byrd, D-WV
"Funding for the Department of Homeland Security totals $42.8 billion. Do you know how much money that is? That is $42.80 for every minute since Jesus Christ was born. That is a lot of money. It is an increase of $2.65 billion over 2009. Again, I thank my friend, the very able Senator George Voinovich, the ranking member, for his notable contributions to this legislation. I thank Senator Daniel Inouye and Senator Thad Cochran, the chairman and the vice chairman of the Appropriations Committee."
Department Of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2010—Conference Report—Continued October 20, 2009
Robert Byrd, D-WV
"More than 655 miles of border fence will be complete in early 2010. The agreement provides $800 million or $25 million above 2009 for the deployment of additional sensors, cameras, and other technology on the southwest border. Since beginning major border fence and security construction along the southwest border in fiscal year 2007, when combined with the $800 million in this bill and the $100 million provided in the Recovery Act, nearly $4.1 billion—spelled with a “b”—nearly $4.1 billion has been appropriated for this purpose. That $4.1 billion is a lot of money, a lot of money. That is $4.10 for every minute since Jesus Christ was born the way I figure it."
American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009—Conference Report February 13, 2009
Lamar Alexander, R-TN
"We know that if we were to spend $1 million a day, every day since Jesus Christ was born, we would still spend less money than the cost of this bill."

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