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Entry Title Date
Department Of Defense Appropriations Act, 2017 June 14, 2016
John Carter, R-TX
"Mr. Chair, almost a year ago today, I stood on this floor to state my disgust at this administration’s plans to slash the Army by 40,000 troops and make a large, non-proportional cut to Fort Hood, in my district, which is known as the Great Place and as the home of the heavy armor of the United States Army."
Child Nutrition April 27, 2016
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"Sadly, but unsurprisingly, it would also deny eligible children access to the Free or Reduced Price School Meals Program, and it would slash funding for some electronics benefits transfer."
Puerto Rico And Who Will Bail Out America? April 20, 2016
Mo Brooks, R-AL
"If America’s creditors stop loaning America money, if America is forced to go cold turkey on its debt addiction, America could be forced to slash military pay or eliminate the volunteer Army altogether and go back to a draft, cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, and the like."
Congressional Black Caucus—Road To Ruin: House Republicans Fail On The Budget April 18, 2016
Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I thank Representative Plaskett. She raised several important points. She noted that our colleagues on the other side of the aisle continue to embrace this notion of trickle-down economics, which is sort of the foundation of many of the slash-and-burn cuts that are contained in at least a budget document that has been passed in prior years and the document that was put forth by the Committee on the Budget this year, this belief that if you lower the tax rate for millionaires and billionaires, that it will result in some residual benefit to the American people. But there is an irony in the embrace even of that term, “trickle-down economics.”"
Morning Business April 12, 2016
Patrick Leahy, D-VT
"Mr. President, a December 16, 1997, New York Times article entitled “Asia’s Forest Fires, Scant Mercy for Orangutans” described the widespread illegal logging and slash and burn agriculture that posed an existential threat to the orangutan, one of the world’s only four species of great apes. It was after reading that article and speaking to scientists who had devoted their lives to saving the orangutan from extinction that I started a program in the foreign aid budget to help protect their rapidly shrinking habitat."

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