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southern illinois university

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Trade Act Of 2015 October 29, 2015
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"The University of Phoenix used “challenge coins”—which the Senator from Arizona raised on the floor—with DOD seals and logos to show its close relationship with the military without receiving prior approval. The Senator from Arizona noted that other schools have done the same thing, including, he mentioned, Southern Illinois University. This Senator is not going to send a letter to the DOD protesting if they hold SIU or any school accountable for the same conduct as the University of Phoenix. The senior Senator from Arizona did, and I think he ought to reflect on that for a moment."
University Of Phoenix October 28, 2015
John McCain, R-AZ
"And I would point out Southern Illinois University—"
Tribute To Jan Thompson August 5, 2015
Mark Kirk, R-IL
"Mr. President, today I commemorate my constituent from Carbondale, IL, Ms. Jan Thompson, for her extraordinary work on behalf of American veterans. Ms. Thompson is a professor at Southern Illinois University and the founder and president of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor—ADBC—Memorial Society. On Sunday, July 19, 2015, Ms. Thompson and ADBC had the historic responsibility of being offered the first Japanese corporate apology for forced labor by American prisoners of war—POWS—during World War II."
Fifth Anniversary Of Dodd-Frank Act July 22, 2015
John Shimkus, R-IL
"Mom and dad got married on July 22, 1950, 65 years ago today. Dad was drafted during the Korean war and left for Korea. On August 3, 1951, their first child, Bill, was born. Dad returned from the war and continued to work for the telephone company and then various telephone companies as the industry changed. Using the GI Bill, he also received his associate’s degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville."
Remembering Ken Gray July 15, 2014
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"With president Deltye Morris, Kenny Gray helped to put Southern Illinois University Carbondale on the map as a leading university in America."

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