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Entry Title Date
Preventing Irs Abuse And Protecting Free Speech Act June 14, 2016
Charles Rangel, D-NY
"You know, people try to get even. To the victor belongs the spoils. So this time, it is Obama, and he is leaving. But I really think that the principle of having people go into public service is being shattered by this type of thing, where foreigners and rich people can make contributions and not be proud enough to state it."
Filling The Supreme Court Vacancy February 29, 2016
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"The superior court also hears not just Delaware cases but national cases as well. In all those forums, nobody ever asked me: What would you consider? As it turned out, that was a very important part of my job. I am proud to say the Delaware judiciary is one of the highest regarded of any State judiciaries that we have. We have a very unusual system where there has to be an equal balance between Democrats and Republicans on the judiciary. It is not a spoils system. If there is one more Republican than a Democrat and there is a vacancy, you have to name a Democrat. That is the way the system works."
Supporting Transparent Regulatory And Environmental Actions In Mining Act January 12, 2016
Donald Beyer, D-VA
"Surface mining has also been responsible for most of the huge flooding in central Appalachia because, when you disturb natural streambeds, cover them with mine spoils, destroy the vegetation, all the topography is different."
Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions July 23, 2015
Richard Blumenthal, D-CT
"We have been through the spoils system. This Nation has lived through a time when, in effect, offices were bought and sold. That certainly is nobody’s intention here, and I am sure my colleagues and I can work together to move toward a measure that fulfills our common shared objective in making sure that merit and effective action is rewarded with bonuses and through other means and that wrongdoing is punished and deterred."
Israel’S Modern History April 29, 2014
Scott Perry, R-PA
"During these periods of time, they were attacked, unilaterally attacked by their neighbors. Some people say: Well, we need to go back to those pre-1967 borders. I ask anybody who was attacked, who has been in a fight where somebody sucker-punched them, who was the aggressor, why is it incumbent upon Israel to return the spoils of the war? Folks attacked them, they fought the war, and they won, and they want to secure their population. Because of that, some people think that somehow Israel is the oppressor. They reacted to an act of aggression."

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