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stop drugs at their source

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Republican Agenda November 1, 2000
John Mica, R-FL
"They started initiatives, the source country programs, to stop drugs at their source, the most cost-effective way to keep the flood and tide of illegal narcotics coming in. If that is not a responsibility to protect our shores from deadly death and destruction of illegal narcotics, I do not know what is a Federal responsibility."
The Problem Of Illegal Narcotics In America October 12, 2000
John Mica, R-FL
"In the Clinton administration, where we have the “just say maybe” policy, where we appoint a chief health officer like Joycelyn Elders as a Surgeon General who says, just say maybe, to our kids, where we abolish the international programs to stop drugs at their source, we have a flood and a huge supply of narcotics. Treatment can never keep up with what we see here and the failure of this administration, and certainly the deaths that we see and the destruction, the devastation."
Illegal Narcotics And Drug Abuse September 26, 2000
John Mica, R-FL
"And do not tell me that we cannot stop drugs at their source, because we can stop drugs at their source."
Illegal Narcotics And Drug Abuse July 18, 2000
John Mica, R-FL
"I have cited and I will cite again a national household survey that said based on the data that they collected, and this is consistent data over a good time period, illicit drug use declined by 50 percent from 1985 to 1992. That is a pretty dramatic decrease. If we look at the statistics from the beginning of the Clinton administration to the present time, we have almost the opposite, almost a 50 percent increase in illicit and illegal drug use. So the facts bear out, there are again surveys that have been conducted over a long period of time show that indeed a true, full-fledged effort, leadership by the President, leadership by the Vice President, at that time Mr. Bush who went on to be the President and also continued the policy, a multifaceted approach in which you have presidential leadership, you have a program to stop drugs at their source, a successful international drug program that deals with elimination of the crops, elimination of the narcotic at its source, which is most cost effective, and an interdiction policy, one that incorporates the use of our national resources and assets such as our military in a war on drugs to stop drugs as they leave their source where they are grown or where they begin and stop those drugs, those illegal narcotics in their tracks, a comprehensive program of prevention and treatment. We know that it takes again a multifaceted effort, that you must have successful treatment, you must have a successful prevention program, you must have a campaign that reiterates that illegal drugs do harm even if it is the first lady who has a “Just Say No” program or a DARE program in school, many of the programs that again were so successful under the Reagan and Bush administration that resulted from 1985 to 1992 in a 50 percent reduction of illicit drug use. Again part of a multifaceted approach, the utilization of all of our resources at the Federal level, the Coast Guard, the military, surveillance and intelligence information and, of course, a tough zero tolerance in law enforcement."
Illegal Narcotics July 11, 2000
John Mica, R-FL
"So when we had a war on drugs, and that was with national leadership from the Office of the President through the entire administration, putting together an Andean strategy to stop drugs at their source. This is not rocket science; we know where the cocaine is produced. It is produced in Bolivia, it is produced in Peru, it is produced in Colombia. When we have a policy that stops the assistance going to a country who is willing to participate with the United States to stop the production of cocaine such as we have had with this administration for the past 5, 6 years in stopping and blocking aid to Colombia, we have a growth of cocaine and coca production in that area."

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