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Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions July 29, 2014
Al Franken, D-MN
"I wish to say it is very important that there is enough transparency in our NSA surveillance that Americans can judge for themselves if we are striking the right balance between national security and our civil liberties."
21St Century Endangered Species Transparency Act July 29, 2014
Glenn Thompson, R-PA
"(a) Requiring Decisional Transparency With Affected States.—Section 6(a) of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (16 U.S.C. 1535(a)) is amended— (1) by inserting “(1)” before the first sentence; and (2) by striking “Such cooperation shall include” and inserting the following: “(2) Such cooperation shall include— “(A) before making a determination under section 4(a), providing to States affected by such determination all data that is the basis of the determination; and “(B)”. (b) Ensuring Use of State, Tribal, and Local Information.— (1) In general.—Section 3 of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (16 U.S.C. 1532) is amended— (A) by redesignating paragraphs (2) through (21) as paragraphs (3) through (22), respectively; and (B) by inserting after paragraph (1) the following: “(2) The term `best scientific and commercial data available’ includes all such data submitted by a State, tribal, or county government.”. (2) Conforming amendment.—Section 7(n) of such Act (16 U.S.C. 1536(n)) is amended by striking “section 3(13)” and inserting “section 3(14)”."
Highway And Transportation Funding Act Of 2014 July 29, 2014
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"First, I think the other body simply overuses pension smoothing. I was struck in conversations with Senator Hatch and conversations with colleagues—one of our colleagues said: What is really striking about what the House is talking about today is that instead of having one problem, we would have two. We already know we have a huge challenge in paying for transportation long-term, as Senator Boxer has noted, but if you go with the House approach, it overuses pension smoothing. You are going to have two challenges—one, to pay for transportation, and second, what are you going to do with the hopes and aspirations of all those workers who are depending on their pensions?"
Empowering Students Through Enhanced Financial Counseling Act July 24, 2014
John Kline, R-MN
"Section 485(b) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1092(b)) is amended— (1) in paragraph (1)(A)— (A) in the matter preceding clause (i), by striking “through financial aid offices or otherwise” and inserting “through the use of an interactive program, during an exit counseling session that is in-person or online, or through the use of the online counseling tool described in subsection (n)(1)(A)”; (B) by redesignating clauses (i) through (ix) as clauses (iv) through (xii), respectively; (C) by inserting before clause (iv), as so redesignated, the following: “(i) a summary of the outstanding balance of principal and interest due on the loans made to the borrower under part B, D, or E; “(ii) an explanation of the grace period preceding repayment and the expected date that the borrower will enter repayment; “(iii) an explanation that the borrower has the option to pay any interest that has accrued while the borrower was in school or that may accrue during the grace period preceding repayment or during an authorized period of deferment or forbearance, prior to the capitalization of the interest;”; (D) in clause (iv), as so redesignated— (i) by striking “sample information showing the average” and inserting “information, based on the borrower’s outstanding balance described in clause (i), showing the borrower’s”; and (ii) by striking “of each plan” and inserting “of at least the standard repayment plan and the income-based repayment plan under section 493C”; (E) in clause (x), as so redesignated, by striking “consolidation loan under section 428C or a”; (F) in clauses (xi) and (xii), as so redesignated, by striking “and” at the end; and (G) by adding at the end the following: “(xiii) for each of the borrower’s loans made under part B, D, or E for which the borrower is receiving counseling under this subsection, the contact information for the loan servicer of the loan and a link to such servicer’s Website; and “(xiv) an explanation that an individual has a right to annually request a disclosure of information collected by a consumer reporting agency pursuant to section 612(a) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. 1681j(a)).”; (2) in paragraph (1)(B)— (A) by inserting “online or” before “in writing”; and (B) by adding before the period at the end the following: “, except that in the case of an institution using the online counseling tool described in subsection (n)(1)(A), the Secretary shall attempt to provide such information to the student in the manner described in subsection (n)(3)(C)”; and (3) in paragraph (2)(C), by inserting “, such as the online counseling tool described in subsection (n)(1)(A),” after “electronic means”."
Bring Jobs Home Act—Motion To Proceed July 24, 2014
Charles Grassley, R-IA
"Let’s turn now to what the post-nomination professor thinks about constitutional interpretation. As I said before, the contrast is so striking that it is almost as if we are dealing with two different nominees for the single seat on the Fourth Circuit. Does the post-nomination professor still think constitutional principles change with the times?"

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