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Make It In America July 22, 2014
John Garamendi, D-CA
"One of the companies that was there was a spinoff from research that was done at Lawrence Livermore National Lab on laser technology, and it is called laser peening. Now you have heard of a ball-peen hammer that is used to strike metal, and in striking the metal, it actually strengthens it. Well, now they are using lasers to strike that metal, and the result of it is that you significantly strengthen the metal. And this is now used by General Electric and others in the manufacturing of some of the internal parts in the jet engines. It substantially strengthens them."
Legislative Session July 22, 2014
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"Given the nature of the reforms, that margin was striking. It demonstrates that the opportunity for extended deliberation and an open amendment process tends to yield a final product that can win broad support by giving Members confidence that the ultimate result represents the considered judgment of the whole Senate."
Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act July 15, 2014
Robert Goodlatte, R-VA
"The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act converts the moratorium into a permanent ban on which consumers, innovators, and investors can permanently rely by simply striking the 2014 end date. This legislation prevents a surprise tax hike on Americans’ critical services this fall. It also maintains unfettered access to one of the most unique gateways to knowledge and engines of self-improvement in all of human history."
Research And Development Efficiency Act July 14, 2014
Daniel Lipinski, D-IL
"That being said, we also agree that we need to find the right balance that meets our safety and accountability goals, but still allows researchers to advance science for the good of the Nation. Right now, we are not striking the appropriate balance."
Financial Services And General Government Appropriations Act, 2015 July 14, 2014
Gwen Moore, D-WI
"Originally, I had my staff draft an amendment to delete sections 501 and 502, but after consulting with the CBO, I was informed that striking section 502 would score as a cost to the bill."

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