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Issues Of The Day May 19, 2016
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"Fact: The D.C. intelligentsia argues our criminal justice system is in dire need of reform. But ask anyone outside the beltway, and they’ll give you a different definition of `broken.’ Many Americans would agree that current laws are too lenient on criminals and disregard the victim all too often. It was the tough reforms put into place during the Reagan years and in the ‘90s that produced the sharpest decline in violent crime on record. Those reforms, coupled with more aggressive policing, led to the only positive social trend in public policy in recent memory. That trend is now being reversed precisely as incarceration rates decline and Obama and his allies ratchet up the war against law enforcement. While correlation doesn’t necessarily prove causation, the correlation is indeed striking and in conjunction with the defanging of local police departments, the release of tens of thousands of Federal prisoners can only result in exacerbating this negative trajectory.”"
Congressional Black Caucus May 16, 2016
Joyce Beatty, D-OH
"In my home State of Ohio, the impact of suspensions and expulsions on communities is striking. In Ohio, a history of prior suspensions from school is the number one factor that leads children to dropping out of school. Children who do not finish high school, as we all are aware, are more likely to end up incarcerated or in our juvenile or criminal justice system and are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested."
Federally Funded Research May 12, 2016
Jeff Flake, R-AZ
"These are striking charges, especially for an agency that has a budget of $30 billion. So it stands to reason that if underfunding NIH was allowing a crisis such as this, we ought to be appropriating more money to the agency."
Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Reduction Act Of 2016 May 12, 2016
F. Sensenbrenner, R-WI
"Section 609Y(a) of the Justice Assistance Act of 1984 (42 U.S.C. 10513(a)) is amended by striking “September 30, 1984” and inserting “September 30, 2021”."
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016 May 12, 2016
Roy Blunt, R-MO
"In addition to that, I saw on Monday of this week that Iran tested a variant missile with a range of over 2,000 kilometers capable of striking Israel. Over and over again, we see Iran participating in hostile behavior and, somehow, none of that behavior violates either the spirit or the `letter of the agreement that was discussed as such an important breakthrough with what was going to happen in Iran."

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