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Removing United States Armed Forces From Iraq July 25, 2014
Eliot Engel, D-NY
"In the last several weeks, the President has expanded intelligence and surveillance efforts. He has sent a contingent of troops to protect our diplomatic personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, and he has deployed small military assessment teams to get information about the threat that ISIS poses to Iraq, to the region, and to American interests."
Iraq Privileged Resolution July 17, 2014
Jim McGovern, D-MA
"They would consist of additional security forces; rotary wing aircraft; and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance support. The President specifically noted that they are equipped for combat."
Executive Session July 15, 2014
Martin Heinrich, D-NM
"Since 2009 Mr. Bay has been the Director of the Office of Enforcement at FERC, where he has gained extensive experience in the regulation of energy markets. The Office of Enforcement is responsible for market oversight and surveillance and for implementing the antimanipulation authority Congress enacted in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This authority provided FERC new tools to combat the type of market manipulation that produced the devastating power crisis a decade ago across the West."
Hamas Aggression Forces Israel To Defend Itself July 15, 2014
Scott Perry, R-PA
"Interestingly enough, we viewed surveillance video of Hamas members using their own people as human shields. The Israelis actually send a warning shot—this is the building we are going to hit, this is where you are making rockets, and we are going to attack it next."
Plight Of Christians In The Middle East July 11, 2014
Kerry Bentivolio, R-MI
"Ethnic Christians, such as Armenians, are often under surveillance or are forced to report their activities to the Iranian Government. Protestant Christians are also viewed unfavorably by the Iranian regime. Furthermore, converts from Islam face particularly harsh consequences, as they can be charged with blasphemy or even face charges from revolutionary courts for political crimes."

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