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Occurrences in the Congressional Record

Entry Title Date
Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015 September 17, 2014
Jerrold Nadler, D-NY
"The current threat to the United States is from Europeans and Americans who may train with ISIL in the Middle East and then return to the United States to do us harm. This threat cannot be fought by military means in Iraq and Syria but by counterintelligence, appropriate surveillance, and border control here and abroad."
Honoring Our Armed Forces September 17, 2014
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"Daniel was assigned to the Air Force’s 552nd Operations Support Squadron at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. He was an airborne sensor operator and a qualified Air Force air surveillance instructor who served with distinction at Tinker Air Force Base."
The Ebola Crisis September 11, 2014
Patrick Leahy, D-VT
"The challenges are immense: weak government institutions; dysfunctional public health systems that cannot conduct reliable disease surveillance and response; lack of roads and other basic infrastructure; ethnic and political divisions in societies recovering from war; misconceptions about the disease and low levels of literacy; and inadequate and uncoordinated international aid."
The Progressive Caucus September 10, 2014
Mark Pocan, D-WI
"And let me just go over a little bit of the timeline just in the very few months since ISIL has been out there. Let me just talk a little bit about that timeline. Back on June 16 of this year, the administration announced it was sending 275 military personnel to protect the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Three days later, they announced that 300 military advisers would collaborate and train Iraqi forces—3 days later. On June 30, the administration announced the deployment of 200 more troops to Iraq. On August 7, the President authorized airstrikes in Iraq. On the 12th of August, the administration announced 130 additional U.S. military personnel to assess the scope of the humanitarian mission. On the 26th of August, the President authorized surveillance flights over Syria. On September 2, the administration announced the deployment of 350 additional military personnel to Iraq, bringing our total to 1,100 U.S. troops now deployed in Iraq. And in the last month alone, there have been 153 airstrikes in Iraq. Just in the little bit of time that has passed, that is what we have seen happen. And I think we need to be very specific in the limited scope of what that is going to be so we don’t have mission creep leading us into perhaps more involvement than we thought was going to happen in the beginning."
Morning Business August 1, 2014
Saxby Chambliss, R-GA
"I am certainly glad I supported his nomination and can attest that Matt is a man of his word. Before joining NCTC, Matt served as the National Security Agency’s general counsel and as an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice. Matt worked on several national security issues at DOJ but quickly became an expert on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and its implementation. Matt has an excellent perspective of the role of surveillance and keeping this country safe, and I hope he will participate in the public debate on this issue even after his departure from government service."

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