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The President’S Constitutional Overreach February 25, 2015
David Jolly, R-FL
"I have seen speeches upon speeches upon speeches about a partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. I have seen big signs in the well of this House, scaring the American people about a potential partial shutdown. I have seen press conferences across the country, including in my hometown of the Tampa Bay area, scaring the American people about something that has not yet happened. Recognize that all of these speeches, all of these signs are coming not from members of our community, not from the people who elected us; these speeches, these signs—the “sky is falling” mentality—are coming from our elected leaders, from Members of this body."
United States-Cuban Relations January 7, 2015
Kathy Castor, D-FL
"In the Tampa Bay area I represent a lot of Cuban-American families. In fact, the bulk of my constituent work often involves family unification. It is not uncommon every week to have a situation where there is a dying grandmother in the United States and her grandchildren in Cuba would like to come and visit. And yet over the past years, they have been subjected to the worst kind of bureaucratic red tape that has not allowed them to travel freely to America, and the same for American citizens."
Transportation, Housing And Urban Development, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2015 June 9, 2014
Kathy Castor, D-FL
"Still, last year, we were disserved by the leadership at the Department when they closed a number of field offices all across the country, including the field office in the Tampa Bay area, that I represent, and in the Orlando area."
Howard P. “Buck” Mckeon National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2015 May 21, 2014
Kathy Castor, D-FL
"I would like to thank my friend and fellow Tampa Bay member, Representative Rich Nugent, for his partnership on this amendment. His tireless dedication to the men and women serving in the Armed Forces at MacDill and around the globe are laudable. Active duty personnel and veterans throughout the Tampa Bay area are fortunate to have such a strong leader serving on the House Armed Services Committee and I am fortunate to call him a colleague."
Sydney And Thalia Potter April 8, 2014
Kathy Castor, D-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life and accomplishments of Mr. Sydney Potter. As our neighbors in the Tampa Bay area know, you cannot talk about Sydney without also talking about his amazing wife, Thalia. Sydney and Thalia were true partners dedicated to their family and to serving our community. Sydney passed recently, but today I am happy to honor their countless accomplishments and unsurpassed reputation for improving Hillsborough County. Sydney and Thalia Potter married in 1944 and raised their family along the banks of the Hillsborough River in 1955. Both Sydney and Thalia had distinguished professional careers. Sydney served most of his career as Secretary-Treasurer of I.W. Phillips & Company before managing a distribution office for Ace Hardware. Thalia had an outstanding career as a legislative aide which began with Florida State Representative Ed Blackburn in the early 1970’s and continued with State Senator Pat Frank as well as State Representative Jim Davis before her retirement. Throughout her career, Thalia was known for her scrupulous ethics, impeccable attention to detail, and unparalleled skill for serving constituents with kindness and poise. Sydney and Thalia’s love of the Hillsborough River led them to be longtime advocates for environmental stewardship. In the words of close friends, Sydney and Thalia “were green before green was cool.” Their activism led to the passage of environmental protection bills for the Hillsborough River as well as led to the completion of projects that successfully reversed erosion along a local riverfront park and pushed local officials to allow more freshwater to flow from the upriver dam to replenish the river’s ecosystem. In 1997, they also helped organize Citizens for the Responsible Application of Malathion (CRAM), which successfully stopped the spraying of dangerous pesticides over the citizens of Hillsborough County. Sydney and Thalia’s leadership in environmental conservation and preservation has had an immeasurable impact on the community and the future of the Tampa Bay Watershed. Sydney and Thalia’s dedication and community service has led to their recognition by several prestigious organizations. Thalia was awarded the Sierra Club’s Pine Tree Award in 1998 for achievement in group activism and, later that year, Sydney was awarded the Club’s Gopher Tortoise Award for support of a member in important activist effort. In 2008, The League of Women Voters of Hillsborough County announced the establishment of the “Sydney and Thalia Potter Civic Leadership Award for their commitment to good government, protection of the environment, and community activism. Sydney was a gentleman in the finest sense of the word and was remarkably knowledgeable in his understanding of the key issues affecting our community and country. His poignant, tough questions to public officials at Suncoast Tiger Bay Club meetings led to him winning more Garfield Awards than any other member. Thalia is a woman of true grace and grit from a remarkable family with an unmatched history of commitment to helping children and families. Sydney and Thalia are consummate examples of servant leadership. At every turn, they acted with the best interest of the community and country at heart. Mr. Speaker, please join me in recognizing two irreplaceable and inspirational leaders of the Tampa Bay community for a lifetime of dedicated public service."

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