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In Recognition Of Roc Arnett, President Of East Valley Partnership November 18, 2015
Kyrsten Sinema, D-AZ
"Roc is a visionary leader, whose belief in the potential of the East Valley has helped shape the vibrant business and residential communities that now flourish in the area. Roc is a native Arizonan who has lived and worked in the East Valley for his entire life. His love for the area and belief in the unique character of each community within the East Valley has been the motivation behind his work. Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Ahwautkee, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Guadalupe and Scottsdale are all part of the East Valley; each has its own distinct character and all have benefited from the ingenuity and vision of the East Valley Partnership, under the leadership of Roc Arnett."
Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions September 15, 2015
Dianne Feinstein, D-CA
"Mr. President, today I am reintroducing a bill for the private relief of Shirley Constantino Tan. Ms. Tan is a Filipina national living in Pacifica, CA. She is the proud mother of 19 year old U.S. citizen twin boys, Jashley and Joriene, and the spouse of Jay Mercado, a naturalized U.S. citizen."
Every Child Achieves Act Of 2015 July 13, 2015
Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI
"Today, the American and the Vietnamese people can be proud of the progress made to forge a lasting peace and friendship. Two years ago, President Obama and Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang launched the U.S.-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership, opening a new phase of bilateral relations between our nations based on mutual respect and common interests. I met recently with Nguyen Phu Trong, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam to discuss our shared interests and opportunities for closer collaboration on a range of issues, including regional stability, economic cooperation, and the lingering human and environmental consequences of that war."
In Recognition Of Mr. Nguyen An Ha Of The Socialist Republic Of Vietnam December 1, 2014
Eni Faleomavaega, D-AS
"On a more personal note, knowing and serving with Mr. Nguyen, Dr. Duong and Ambassador Cuong has been one of the highlights of my career. I am thankful for our friendship and I will always be grateful to them for all they did to bring about recognition of the interim board of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Vietnam. Forevermore, I will also hold a special place in my heart for Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, President Truong Tan Sang, the Politburo, Vice Chairwoman Tong Thi Phong, the National Assembly, MOFA, Public Security and the countless other individuals, departments, organizations and individuals who supported recognition—a cause that meant so much to me."
In Memory Of East Hartford Legend, Frederick W. Leone, Jr. July 16, 2014
John Larson, D-CT
"Good morning. We would like to thank everyone for attending today to celebrate the life of my husband Fred, better known as “Rick” to his family and others. I know many of you have traveled a long distance on this bitter, cold, wintry day to be here today. I know too, Rick probably had his hand in this storm, as he loved this kind of “put on your fur trappers hat and fire up the snow blower” weather. If he couldn’t be in his beloved state of Vermont, then he was going to bring Vermont to him! Rick was always intrigued by the weather, especially the makings of a good storm. We were appreciative of all efforts at Glastonbury HealthCare Center to have his bed by the windows so he could watch the day’s weather unfold into the night. January 18, 1969: On a cold Sunday similar to this one, I walked into this St. Rose Church to attend the 10:30 am Mass. The church was very crowded back then and I sat in the same seat in the back that I always took right under the Station of Cross of “Veronica wiping the face of Jesus.” This particular morning however, I felt a presence next to me. I could not concentrate on the Mass; I could barely breathe and I could not wait to go to Communion, just to regain my composure. Returning back from Communion, I could not find the pew that I had always sat in … then I see this about 6 foot or so, tan camel hair coat, white t-shirt wearing guy laughing and pointing to the seat right next to him! Embarrassed, little did I know that I was standing next to my future husband. As the story goes, Fred offers me a ride home from church. Now keep in mind, the Oliva homestead was less than 5 minutes from the church’s front steps! I accepted the ride anyway … Fred in the driver’s seat and his Mom in the middle of course, and then myself. That seating arrangement would remain that way for a very long time with Marjorie in the middle. A week later we went on our first date, two weeks later Fred went to the Military Academy for a visitation to attend West Point. He instead chose the University of Vermont and I, Central Connecticut. July 30, 1977: Fred and I marry here at St. Rose Church where we first met. Prior to marriage, you have to provide your baptismal certificate. When I came across the certificate, attached to it was a clipping from the St. Rose Church bulletin dated April 1951, stating Fred and I were both baptized together here at St. Rose. We were born a week apart; Fred on April 1st and I on April 8th. Also, Fred’s cousin Kip was baptized that day as they both shared the same birthday. Further research showed that Fred and I received the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion the same day here at St. Rose. We also both received the sacrament of Confirmation together at St. Isaac Jogues Church because they happened to be remodeling St. Rose at the time. All our sacraments together here in this Church! Being born on April Fool’s Day gives you a certain role to fulfill, and Fred took it very seriously. Senior year in high school he was elected Class Comedian. At the University of Vermont he was written up in several publications as a “Super Fan.” Allow me please, to read one such article from the Burlington Press entitled, “SUPER FANS” by Wally Johnson: “The stands at the UVM rink are filled to capacity for games, and the students yell their lungs out. One student, a freshman football player, is sort of an unofficial cheerleader, and when he gets people fired up in one section of the stands, the excitement is usually contagious. The gridder is Rick Leone, from Hartford, Conn. And he was the guy waving his coat and shirt around in the cold confines of the hockey rink during the Catamounts upset of UNH. Leone, who also has some pretty good monologues about all sorts of subjects, is loud, wears the wildest purple hat ever made, and is funny as well as a big sports fan. “You just can’t get mad at the guy, he’s too funny,” a UVM student who sat behind Rick during the last game said. Every school has its own Rick Leone, be it at high school or college and this type of person, perhaps best described as a “super fan,” is an asset every coach would like to have at his side.” Fred did not love April Fool’s Day because it was his birthday, but because it was a full continuous day of sharing his stories, pranks and jokes with everyone. Former employees would tell you the front counter of the liquor store was his “pulpit” where he did what he loved best … interacting with everyone. A funny story, joke, or local happening passed on from one customer to another. Fred loved going to make his morning deposits at Webster’s bank where another audience of the girls and customers waited for his “joke of the day.” Sunday mornings at Stop & Shop where he regularly checked in with Jeff “the butcher,” meeting and greeting neighbors and customers as he shops. I, however, ruined the shopping experience for him. I just wanted to go in, get my groceries and return home so I could start cooking Sunday dinner. So we left Sunday shopping for Fred to enjoy his weekly adventure! Fred was a brilliant man with background knowledge on almost any subject that was brought up in conversations. We attribute that to his love of reading. Out attic, cellar and shelves at home are filled with books. If Fred could not pass a book along then it got shelved in one of these places. When Gianni was in second grade, I remember Fred reading Gianni, “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway. Explaining details as he read aloud to his grandson and it was Fred’s own personal copy he had back when he was in school! Vermont and National Geographic were his favorite magazines. When our daughters were much younger they too awaited the monthly issues of National Geographic because their father had made a game out of checking the covers of each issue. The best was when he was the baboon, gorilla, or other exotic creatures from who knows where on the covers, and you knew it was happening when Fred would announce holding up the magazine … “Look everyone—your mother made the cover of National Geographic again!” The girls would crack up laughing … Very funny, Fred! Then there was a serious side of Fred, a man of great faith, the importance of attending mass and participating in the church community. When our family was younger we attended pot luck suppers, organized bake sales and arts and crafts and tag sales. Our life for one week in July revolved around Fred co-chairing the popular St. Rose Carnival with the Futtner and Ramsey families. Our wedding anniversary always fell during carnival week and Fred would joke “What more do you want on our wedding anniversary, Mary? We have games, entertainment, music (from the carousel), good food (sausage and peppers and fried dough)—all on the grounds of the church we were married!” We always later celebrated at a very nice restaurant. Family … What more can I say? Rick’s loyalty and love for his grandparents and their rich traditions … how he loved to retell stories about life on the tobacco farm. Following into his father’s footsteps with his help and guidance as he sat in on business meetings … to move forward into the future … all for the love of his family; so proud of his daughters Marisa and Vanessa in their accomplishments in life. Gianna and Angelina were the special joys of his life; how he loved taking Gianni to Boy Scout campouts and events. He introduced him to the Three Stooges. He enjoyed taking and picking up Angelina from preschool. Fred introduced her to Tom & Jerry cartoons! A special place in Fred’s heart he had for all his nieces and nephews … especially when Ted and Josh took their Uncle Fred to a Jethro Tull Concert … He loved it! Fred would relive their performance every time he heard one of their songs! As Fred’s illness progressed, and it did very rapidly, he continued to stay involved in everything the best he could and gradually we came to him now to accommodate his needs and wants. Nothing made him happier than all your lines of communication; texts, emails, Caring Bridge, phone calls, cards, notes and visits . . , for our dear friends and family I thank every one of you! Thank you to Mom, Dad, Tom, Camille, Marisa, Gianni and Angelina for all your support and for standing by me these last few months. I could not have done this without you. This was a group effort of love and you did it beautifully—with me. Before Fred went on the respirator a couple of weeks ago, he said to me, as I was giving him ice chips to soothe his dry mouth, “Mary I think I now know how Jesus felt.” I said, “What do you mean, Fred?” “The pain Jesus must have felt being nailed to the cross and when they took a cloth soaked with vinegar and applied it to his lips … How he must have suffered!”"

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