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Nomination Of Michelle T. Friedland To Be United States Circuit Judge For The Ninth Circuit—Resumed April 10, 2014
Jeff Sessions, R-AL
"I wish to share with my colleagues some recent developments that I believe are important on the immigration front. My office did a report and an analysis recently that pointed out that this administration, unlike what had been done historically, has been counting border apprehensions as ICE deportations from the United States. Classically, before that ICE officers—the Immigration Customs Enforcement officers—apprehended people inside the border and did removal proceedings and that was what was counted. So they have used those numbers to create the impression that a great deal more removals are occurring than actually are. That is not good. The administration should not be doing that, and it has created confusion. It is just one more example of this administration’s willingness, unfortunately, to misrepresent and twist numbers to advance an agenda they believe ought to be advanced."
Digital Accountability And Transparency Act Of 2013 April 10, 2014
Mark Warner, D-VA
"I would like to thank in particular Senators Coons, Whitehouse, Ayotte, Johnson, and our Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray, and my staff, Amy Edwards, and all the others who have been relentless on working this through with other committees and the administration to make sure we got this bill done."
War On Conservatives April 10, 2014
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"It is amazing some of the efforts made to rewrite history and cast things in a light that doesn’t exist. So as some people in the administration step up the continued trashing of conservatives in America—we have already seen the assault on conservative groups by the IRS, that does need a special prosecutor, clearly—the assault on people with whom some in the administration disagree, they can’t answer questions, and so they make personal attacks."
District Of Columbia Statehood April 10, 2014
Eleanor Norton, D-DC
"I am pleased that the administration, President Obama, has put into his budget language that would grant the District control over its own budget, allowing the local budget to go into effect as soon as the D.C. City Council passes the local budget. He put that same provision in his budget last year, and the Senate appropriators passed it."
New Bureau Of Land Management Lease And Permit Data April 8, 2014
Glenn Thompson, R-PA
"I personally was pleased to hear the administration reiterate their commitment to expanding all of America’s domestic energy resources, including fossil fuels, which is fundamental to the Nation’s future economic security."

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