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Waiving Requirement Of Clause 6(A) Of Rule Xiii With Respect To Consideration Of Certain Resolutions Reported From The Committee On Rules, And Providing For Consideration Of Motions To Suspend The… August 1, 2014
Tom Cole, R-OK
"I want to point out that if the 2008 law is not the reason, then my good friend’s remarks need to be directed to the administration because they have told us it is the reason. The President has cited this as the reason. But if it is because we have sent a signal down there by unilaterally changing something, there is some explanation for a tenfold increase in the flow of individuals across our border."
Secret Program To Supply Arms To Rebels In Syria August 1, 2014
Rick Nolan, D-MN
"The fact is, Mr. Speaker, these are arms that all too often end up in the hands of our worst enemies. And this apparent determination on the part of the Administration to send weapons into so many regional conflicts only serves to escalate the violence, prolong the fighting, and stir feelings of ill will toward America."
Prohibitions Relating To Deferred Action For Aliens August 1, 2014
Ted Poe, R-TX
"The rule of law is not enforced when it comes to the sovereignty and security of the Nation. And that is all we are asking. Let’s have some rules and follow them so people all over the world who want to come to America, let them know there is a right way to come. And the wrong way is they shouldn’t believe that you get here, you are going to get to stay because the administration is not going to enforce the law. That is why we have the chaos. That is why we have the 50,000 to 60,000 people crossing in south Texas."
Fy15 Iron Dome Supplemental August 1, 2014
Nita Lowey, D-NY
"Just yesterday, in a dastardly breach of the humanitarian ceasefire, Hamas operatives reportedly surfaced from a tunnel, killed two Israeli soldiers, and abducted a third, Hadar Goldin. I join the Administration in demanding his immediate and unconditional release."
Border Crisis August 1, 2014
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"Ordinary working people do not close up shop with urgent work still undone, and neither should we. There is plenty of blame to go around; as I speak, there is a strong chance the House will leave town without taking action on this crisis either. The administration has asked for money, but has yet to speak clearly on what changes it needs in the law governing how we handle child migrants at the border."

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