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the border

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Nomination Of Vivek Hallegere Murthy To Be Medical Director In The Regular Corps Of The Public Health Service, Subject To Qualifications Therefor As Provided By Law And Regulations, And To Be… December 15, 2014
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"First the Republicans send us an appropriations bill, and they will not pay for the agency to enforce the border and stop illegal immigration, and now they come to the floor and argue against filling the position that is responsible for enforcement at the border and stopping illegal immigration."
Omnibus Appropriations Bill December 15, 2014
Jack Reed, D-RI
"The bill also hobbles the Department of Homeland Security, providing only enough funding to keep it running until February 27 of next year. This is the response by my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to the actions the President has taken with respect to immigration. Due to this intransigence, some initiatives to secure the border cannot be funded nor can measures to address the humanitarian crisis of children crossing our Southwest border or security weaknesses at the White House."
Executive Session December 15, 2014
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"I will take a moment here, if I can. Every year there is a nonprofit organization that looks across the Federal Government and asks questions of a lot of employees to really ascertain where morale is high, where some of the favorite places are for people to work in the Federal Government. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a number of years has led the pack there. There are roughly 15 big Departments that are part of that survey, but all told, there are something like 314 Federal agencies that are surveyed to make up this list, and the Department of Homeland Security runs dead last among the big Departments that are surveyed. Out of all of the Federal agencies that are surveyed, and there are 314 in all, ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which Sarah Saldana has been nominated to lead—dead last. Dead last. One of the reasons why, when I talk to people at the Department of Homeland Security, employees, whether they happen to be customs agents, whether they happen to be folks down on the border, Border Patrol, whether they happen to be TSA folks—whatever role they are playing across the country and around the world, among the major factors they point to, explaining the low morale, is lack of leadership, lack of confirmed leadership. We have worked so hard to address that. We have two holes left. One of them will be filled by Mr. Deyo—we need to confirm him—and the other by Sarah Saldana."
Unconstitutional Actions By President Obama December 2, 2014
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"Prior Congresses have passed laws and made it clear what it takes to become a United States citizen. Now, those laws need fixing. There is no question about that, and despite all of the rhetoric, our friends on the other side of the aisle, when they controlled the majority in the House, majority in the Senate, with President Obama in the White House, chose to absolutely do nothing about correcting immigration problems, securing the border—not even amnesty. Why? Because they know, they see the polls, and the polls make very clear that the American public did not want any type of amnesty."
Alzheimer’S December 2, 2014
John Garamendi, D-CA
"I think your district comes very close to that great research institution, the University of California-San Francisco. I am not sure if it is in your district, but I know it is on the border of your district, if not in your district."

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