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the border

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Tribute To Esther Olavarria February 4, 2016
Patrick Leahy, D-VT
"In 2013, Esther was asked to serve as the White House Director of Immigration Reform. Her wealth of experience made her an invaluable asset in our bipartisan effort to pass the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act in 2013. The bill overwhelmingly passed the Senate with the bipartisan support of 68 Senators. I remain disappointed that that important bill was not taken up in the House, and I hope the Senate will one day turn again to this legislation. When we do, I know that Esther will be ready to provide her support once again as she has so many times when the Senate has turned its focus to the issue of immigration."
International Megan’S Law To Prevent Demand For Child Sex Trafficking February 1, 2016
Robert Scott, D-VA
"As a result, I am skeptical of what more we stand to gain by the Senate amendment’s provision authorizing the Secretary of State to use a “unique passport identifier for covered sex offenders” that is defined as “any visual designation affixed to a conspicuous location on the passport indicating the individual is a covered sex offender.” At best, if this vague language is meant to describe some sort of code or symbol embedded in the passport that is only discernible by law enforcement at the border indicating that the traveler is a sex offender, it is redundant given the other information-sharing mandated by the bill’s other provisions. However, if this is interpreted to mean something akin to the words “sex offender” stamped on the identification page of the passport, this raises serious problems and will lead to unintended consequences."
Energy Policy Modernization Act Of 2015—Continued January 27, 2016
Amy Klobuchar, D-MN
"His list of accomplishments is impressive. He has worked tirelessly on tourism and trade while ensuring the safety and security of the border between our two countries."
Providing For Congressional Disapproval Of A Rule Submitted By The Corps Of Engineers And The Environmental Protection Agency—Veto— Continued January 20, 2016
Daniel Coats, R-IN
"Several months ago, I came to the Senate floor and basically said: I think I have a better solution that is perhaps even more financially feasible. My solution is to provide safe havens for these people either within their country or simply across the border of other countries. Turkey and Jordan are taking in millions of refugees, but they are overwhelmed. There is a precedent here in terms of providing safe havens."
Gun Violence January 11, 2016
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"Look at the way these loopholes have affected the city of Chicago. There is a flood of illegal guns coming into Chicago from Indiana, especially from Lake County, IN, which is right across the border from my State. Last Friday, the Chicago Tribune newspaper quoted Sheriff John Buncich of Lake County, IN, saying:"

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