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Unanimous Consent Request—S. Res. 487 June 26, 2014
Ted Cruz, R-TX
"It is an embarrassment that this so-called investigation is led by a partisan Democratic donor who has given over $6,000 to President Obama and Democrats. It is an embarrassment that the IRS obstruction of justice is led by a major Democratic donor who has given nearly $100,000. Every one of us takes an oath to the Constitution. Every one of us owes fidelity to rule of law. When we have the Department of Justice behaving like an arm of the DNC, protecting the political interests of the White House instead of upholding the law, it undermines the liberty of every American. I am saddened that Democratic Members of this Chamber will not stand up and say: I have a higher obligation to the Constitution and the rule of law and the American people than I have to my Democratic Party. That is a sad state of affairs, but it is also a state of affairs that is outraging the American people, that is waking up the American people."
Unanimous Consent Request—Executive Calendar March 6, 2013
Tim Scott, R-SC
"The drone issue is not an issue. It is not a question about Democrats versus Republicans or the DNC versus the GOP. It is not a question about the executive branch versus the legislative branch. It is not a question about conservatives versus liberals. It is a question about the Constitution."
Honoring Mame Reiley June 27, 2012
James Moran, D-VA
"Mame fell in love with politics as a youngster, cheering Jack Kennedy on to his historic Presidential election and playing a significant role in college for his brother Ted’s run. In the years following, she has become a force within the Party, chairing the Women’s Caucus for the DNC, and having played a major role in the career of virtually every major Virginia Democrat from Doug Wilder to Tim Kaine. Among her many positions she’s held over the years: running inaugural activities for Governor Mark Warner, serving as political director of his PAC, One Virginia, serving as senior advisor to Governor Tim Kaine, and directing my brother Brian’s gubernatorial run."
Kevin Jefferson September 20, 2011
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"Kevin began his career in public service early as a student at Bowie State, where he played an active role in student life. After serving on Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s Presidential campaign staff in 1984 and 1988, Kevin joined the national staff of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, through which he promoted voter registration and education. He went on to become the first National Minority Affairs Coordinator at Handgun Control, Inc., and in this role, traveled the country to help secure support for the Brady Gun Control Bill. His leadership on these important initiatives led to his involvement with President Clinton’s Presidential campaign. And in 2000, he was appointed to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and later held numerous positions at the State Department. Kevin also served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Labor, Honorable Alexis Herman, and was appointed to the Office of the President, Community Empowerment Board. Throughout his lifetime, Kevin served on a number of Presidential campaigns, worked closely with the DNC and served as the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee Voting Rights Institute. He is honored and respected by the Democratic Party for his hard work and support."
Honoring Mary Bustillo Donohue May 13, 2011
Steven Rothman, D-NJ
"Mary and her family moved to River Edge, New Jersey, where she quickly became involved in her church and in local political and civic causes. At St. Peter the Apostle Church, she was elected to serve on her parish’s council, taught religious school, served as both a Lector and a Eucharist Minister, and became involved in various ministries. Mary joined the River Edge Democratic Club and went on to serve as Committeewoman for District 4 for 50 years. Mary was the first woman to ever be elected to the River Edge Council, where she served two terms. She was the first Hispanic-American ever elected to the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders. As a Freeholder, Mary’s commitment to education was instrumental in creating the Bergen County Academies. She was elected to serve as a member of the Democratic National Committee during both of President Bill Clinton’s terms in office, and was subsequently elected Chair of the DNC‘s Hispanic Caucus during that time. As a member of New Jersey’s Hispanic Task Force, she helped empower and register Latino voters across the State. Under Governor Jim Florio, Mary served on New Jersey’s Democratic State Platform Committee, drafting the component addressing environmental issues. In 1991, she ran as the Democratic candidate for New Jersey Senate in District 39, and although she did not win, her drive and desire to improve her community was hardly deterred. Mary is one of the founding members of the Latino American Democratic Association of Bergen County, LADA, an organization that was formed in 1993 and continues to grow today. She was appointed by Governor Christine Todd Whitman to the Historic New Bridge Landing Park Commission, where she led efforts to rename the River Edge Post Office Sub-station as the New Bridge Landing Post Office, to obtain State Park recognition for Historic New Bridge Landing, and to rename the North Hackensack, New Jersey, Transit Station as Historic New Bridge Landing at River Edge. Mary continues to serve devotedly as the Vice Chair of this commission."

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