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Women Of History—Margaret Utinsky April 20, 2016
Ted Poe, R-TX
"As the U.S.S. Washington sailed off into the murky ocean waters, Utinsky stood resolved. She did not leave with the Army wives, ferried off to safety. Her husband returned to serve in Batann as a civil engineer, safe from harm. Utinsky is best known for her work with the Filipino resistance movement to provide medicine, food, and other items to aid Allied prisoners of war in the Philippines during World War II."
Honoring The Passing Of Atty. Linda Sarno March 3, 2016
Ed Royce, R-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I would like to recognize the passing of community activist and civic and religious leader, Atty. Linda Sarno, who passed away on February 1, 2016. Atty. Sarno was a beloved community organizer and leader who supported the development and professionalism of Filipino American businesses and raised awareness and appreciation for Filipino culture and cuisine in Southern California. She started initiatives in the community to promote the advantages of green technology, health, and conservation both in business and everyday life. She was co-founder and director emeritus of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County where she encouraged young entrepreneurship, and was also actively involved in the Asian Business Association of Orange County. Atty. Sarno will be deeply missed by her family, friends, and our community."
In Honor Of The Filipino Women’S Club Of Salinas February 26, 2016
Sam Farr, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the Filipino Women’s Club of Salinas (FWCS) on the occasion of its 86th Anniversary. The FWCS has been a pillar of Central Coast community service through most of the 20th Century, and exemplifies its motto of faith, worth, courage, and service. I am confident that the leadership and members of the FWCS have the vision, skill, and motivation to carry the organization forward into the 21st Century."
Congratulations To Jesse M. Baltazar On His 95Th Birthday September 30, 2015
Ryan Zinke, R-MT
"On March 15, 1942, Sergeant Baltazar was hit by shrapnel in the leg when the Japanese bombed an area near his camp. With the American and Filipino forces now having been cut off since January 1942, supplies were dwindling and facilities were limited. So he underwent surgery in an open air jungle hospital with minimal anesthesia and little time to recover. As the battle raged on and our Soldiers valiantly fought to hold the line, 76,000 American and Filipino soldiers eventually were forced to put down their arms and surrender on April 9, 1942. When the Bataan Death March began, Sergeant Baltazar was forced to use a bamboo stick as a cane to help him walk. He suffered brutality and starvation at the hands of his Japanese captors in conditions that led to the spread of disease. Exhausted and fearing that he was going to die, he seized an opportunity to escape on the third night into the infamous 66 mile march. Hiding in a fisherman’s boat for a two-hour ride through the thick swamp, Sergeant Baltazar found his way back home, where he proceeded to join the Filipino resistance movement—what an incredible example of the strength of the human spirit."
In Recognition Of Perla Ibarrientos February 27, 2015
Jackie Speier, D-CA
"In the 1980s, Perla became a U.S. citizen, one of the proudest moments in her life. She never tires of civic engagement and seeking ways to help others. She serves a long list of organizations, including as the Chair of the Filipino Bayanihan Center in Daly City, Vice-President of the North Peninsula Food Pantry and Dining Center and Director of the American Baptist Homes of the West/Hillcrest Senior Housing."

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