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Omnibus Appropriations Bill December 15, 2014
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Speaking of hampering rural America, there is another provision missing that would help the rural West and one missing that would help the rural West were it included. This package fails to include the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act—a bill I introduced with my colleague Senator Crapo and 17 additional bipartisan cosponsors, and which was also a strong bipartisan measure in the House. This legislation would have solved the problem of paying for the ever-increasing costs of fighting wildland fires without decimating the agencies’ core budgets, where they get the money to pay for their essential work—including the forest restoration work that can help us get ahead of these infernos. Our commonsense solution would have paid for these natural disasters like other natural disasters are paid for, instead of cannibalizing the agencies’ budgets."
Arapaho National Forest Boundary Adjustment Act Of 2014 November 13, 2014
Jared Polis, D-CO
"The bill is simple. It incorporates the wedge into the Arapaho National Forest boundary; it adds the lots owned by the Forest Service to the adjacent Bowen Gulch Protection Area; and it authorizes the Federal Government to purchase land in the designated area from willing sellers."
American Energy Solutions For Lower Costs And More American Jobs Act September 18, 2014
Peter DeFazio, D-OR
"In the West, there are over 50 active fires burning, one in the Willamette Forest outside of Eugene and Springfield. It is costing $1 million a day with attempts to keep it from running toward a town. Two days ago, the Forest Service said they have $179 million left for suppression."
Commemorating The 50Th Anniversary Of The Land And Water Conservation Fund September 17, 2014
Chris Gibson, R-NY
"Additionally, my district benefits from the Forest Legacy Program funded under the LWCF. This program helps States preserve and maintain their forest land."
Wildfire Season In The West September 16, 2014
Doug LaMalfa, R-CA
"Madam Speaker, it doesn’t have to be this way. We know why our forests are burning. It is because of decades of mismanagement caused by Federal bureaucracies and excessive regulations and red tape. They have an attitude at the Forest Service in many cases of just let it burn."

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