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Fighting Hunger Incentive Act Of 2014 July 17, 2014
Sander Levin, D-MI
"Mr. Speaker, this is a severe case of losing the forest for the trees. This is not about the benefits of charity. This is not about the benefits of foundations. It is not about the benefit of conservation easements. This is a dramatic challenge to Republicans in terms of fiscal responsibility and fiscal priorities."
Recognizing Allegheny Watershed Improvement Needs (Wins) Coalition June 20, 2014
Glenn Thompson, R-PA
"Last month, Allegheny WINS was recognized by the U.S. Forest Service with the Rise to the Future Award for their work in the ANF. The Rise to the Future Award was created by the Forest Service to help enhance fisheries and watersheds on national forests. The award acknowledges collaborative work in areas such as soils management and aquatic restoration."
Jason Crisp Forest Service Building June 17, 2014
Dan Benishek, R-MI
"Officer Crisp spent 8 years serving in the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office and serving in different roles in the community where he grew up. He graduated from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in 2005, when he returned to western North Carolina to begin his career marking timber for the Forest Service and, later, to work in a K-9 unit, along with his partner, Maros."
National Recreation Area June 10, 2014
Judy Chu, D-CA
"That is why I am introducing legislation to designate this area as a National Recreation Area. It would allow the National Park Service to work with the Forest Service and local partners on community-based, community-driven protection and restoration projects. It could mean more small parks in underserved communities, better access and connectivity to trails and bike paths from within our urban cities, new signs in the mountains, more bathrooms, more picnic areas, educational programs for a sustainable future, and more visitor services."
Executive Session June 2, 2014
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"I have been so privileged to work on the Senate Climate Action Task Force. What is interesting is that I have listened to people from all over the country talk about what this climate change means in their States. Coastal States have a certain set of problems, inland States, agricultural States, and there are the forest fires that are burning out of control. I hope people will watch the documentary “Years of Living Dangerously.” It is really a wake-up call if you have not already awakened to this problem. It is happening all over the world—fires that do not stop, droughts that the Defense Department is telling us are a real problem."

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