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Providing For Consideration Of H. Con. Res. 96, Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015, And Providing For Proceedings During The Period From April 11, 2014, Through April 25, 2014 April 8, 2014
Tom Cole, R-OK
"Finally, Madam Speaker, I want to say a little about wildfires suppression costs. When devastating wildfires do occur and the costs exceed the Forest Service’s budget, most often, other programs within the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee bear the costs. And that is not right. I am disappointed that this budget fails to consider how we can better budget for the true costs of wildfire suppression activities. My friend from Idaho, Mr. Simpson, has a deficit-neutral bill that would deal with this issue. Much of what we have considered on the floor the past few days has aimed at ensuring the true costs of programs are reflected in the budget. That is what Mr. Simpson’s bill does and I hope we can consider it in the coming weeks."
Green Mountain Lookout Heritage Protection Act April 7, 2014
Suzan DelBene, D-WA
"Unfortunately, severe weather caused the Green Mountain Lookout to fall into disrepair in 2001, and the U.S. Forest Service began taking steps to preserve the historic structure for future generations. However, an out-of-state group filed a lawsuit against the Forest Service for using machinery to conduct repairs and, unfortunately, a U.S. District Court ordered the Forest Service to remove the lookout. If Congress does not act soon, the lookout will be removed for good."
Forest Management March 27, 2014
Glenn Thompson, R-PA
"The Forest Service, which I had the privilege of holding jurisdiction over as chairman of the Agricultural Subcommittee on Conservation, Energy, and Forestry, must comply with ESA before engaging in any kind of forest management activity, which is the agency’s most basic and fundamental role"
Support For The Sovereignty, Integrity, Democracy, And Economic Stability Of Ukraine Act Of 2014—Motion To Proceed March 24, 2014
Christopher Murphy, D-CT
"While we try to deal today with a Russia run by a leader whose foreign policy seems dictated by a desire to poke a stick in the eye of the United States, I ultimately think viewing the forest through the trees also means acknowledging that Russia’s future ultimately, in a post-Putin era, is about integration with Europe and integration with the West as well. Frankly, this is the direction Russia was heading until Putin took power."
Water Rights Protection Act March 13, 2014
Jared Huffman, D-CA
"This legislation stems from a very legitimate concern that was raised by the ski industry regarding how the Forest Service was proposing to handle water rights in public leases for ski areas. This was something that we could have worked together on. In fact, I think the House could have found a constructive bipartisan solution. We could have had this resolved by now."

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